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  1. You mean I wasn't meant to have sex in the Moorrabbin airport carpark???????? (Good thing, then.. and I hadn't and thought I was missing out!)
  2. Nope - Aussie Rules fan (they still have a ruck, though) - and nope- meant ruck in the post
  3. There's a ruck load of stars to see in blighty on a clear night in blighty if one doesn't live in London
  4. UInsure about Aus, but over here, councils don't tend to pay the best, so they get monkeys...
  5. What is the issue with Tyabb? I can see the council want it shut down, but why? It's not in the most populated area and from memory, it is sort of light industrial/agrigultural around there. I noticed in the article someone was complaining residents didn't get their democratic day in court? What's the beef?
  6. Ver sad news to lose valued members of their community. Condolences to their family, friends and their community.
  7. I think, even if it said it can be flown into CTA, as the ad would not constitute and offer, it is still OK from a contract perspective. From a false/misleading ad perspective, it would probably cross the line. On rules around RAA, from reading this forum, it seems a little too restrictive in Aus... and when I finally get back, I may be tempted to stay with GA. You sir, are a sad man 😁
  8. @skippydiesel - are you not secretly a law lecturer and hoping to tease out legal knowledge? Although the subject of the question involves an aircraft, your question is actually of general legal principles. IANAL, but I have studied law in the UK (the law of England and Wales - Scotts and NI have separate laws and legal systems) and a bit in Aus/NSW. So, what I am about to carp on about is UK based... but should be roughly equivalent to in concept if not precision, to Australian law. There will be two areas of law that are involved in advertisements... Advertising standards (or equ
  9. Wow.. what a rort... The auction style is very similar to a now defunct penny auction site, madbids.com (or madbid.com)... They would run auctions where you had to pay per bid.. Your bid would increment by a penny - you couldn't bid a price... The clock would cound down from I think a minute and if there was no new bid by the time the clock count down, the current bid won, but as soon as a bid was placed... the clock would reset.. Sounds like Pickles used to use these guys for inspiration.. Of course, I would watch the clock and with a second to go, a new penny bid was submitted..
  10. In Somerset, we haven't had the snow other parts of the country have had... In fact, we have had bone-dry gin clear days hovering between -3 and 1 degree. We have had mornings that, although cold, of almost no frost. Perfect flying weather (with the appropriate attire). Pity I am back to renting aircraft, as we are in lockdown, and I can't rent one.
  11. Maybe I should clarify what I meant by "And those who are supposedly well educated have doors opened too easily for them..." Which means that those who have passed their exams but haven't really learned anything or how to apply what they have learned.. I have seen MBA graduates who probably don't even know what the acronym stands for, let alone how to manage or administer anything. I have seen engineers who are crap, but because they have a masters, are given project management jobs ahead of good project managers. I have seen the same with traders - and the results were a very exp
  12. I just wanted to know if it were more than that (RAA is a small world as far as I can see, so wanted to know if there were other potential ramifications)... Although, sometimes, the principle is more important than the money - it will be @New2flying's judgement... as long as he is getting impartial and good advice - his decision to make.. If the school is that bad (and there are always 2 sides of the story) and it goes further, it can be a warning to other potential students. As I said, there's always two sides to a stroy, so not casting any aspertions on the school..
  13. I have to admit, my first thoughts were, "why?", so would be interested in your thoughts... If there is a legal obligation that is not being fulfilled and there is no reasonable way to see it being fulfilled, then, the question would be "why not?" Before one can asnwer either question, the natural question to ask is, what was th elawyer instructed to do? But, lets assume it was to seek specific performance to hand over the log book and training records, I can't see an issue with that - will no other school touch @New2flying as a result? I have no
  14. Darn! Wish I was back in Aus.. That is a shame it isn't open to RAAus pilots - surely it should be f they have the requisite endorsements and the plane has the speeds.. Even as a GA'er, I find it unproductive.
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