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  1. That was one helluva letter, but it appears to have been a little too late... I am sure he had sparring words when he was in charge of CASA. I hope the letter is published well beyond AOPA, otherwise it won't make one iota of difference to the electorate.
  2. I was reading through the whole thread on the other site (first time I have been to it in a very long time), and some were of the belief it is due to an obstinate security manager at a certain airline that flies into Birdsville. Apparently, Birdsville and a few others were supposed to be coming off the list of airports requiring security (and therefore the ASIC card), apparently in line with Dept of Home Affairs advice, however, at the last minute it decided not to.. and a few others that the certain airline fly to that were supposed to come off the secured airfield list (or whatever it was ca
  3. From the dark side (aka PPRUNE): AVIATION WRITER @ironsider 10:36AM MARCH 2, 2021 The decades-long tradition of *pilots camping under the wing of their aircraft at the Birdsville Races has been banned by the council in a move declared “un-Australian” by veteran aviator Dick Smith. The entrepreneur is leading calls to have the Diamantina Shire Council’s ban overturned, before the race meeting in September. Council imposed the ban because of the cost involved in operating a “special events zone” at the Birdsville airstrip. Owen Ruschen and Ian Dewick, camping ne
  4. Pilot magazine here are doing weekly articles of emergency and unusal flight "refreshers/training" using FS2020... Last month they had an evelator control failure - although when I was a member of RVAC, hands off flying (in the circuit) was one of the comps... Let's just say, I almost survived 😉 but I was amazed at how accurate the plane could be flown without use of the control column.
  5. Your're right in that a private/GA pilot doesn't technically need an ASIC card - I think the minimum is the AVID, which is a lower level background check and lasts for 5 years? The MSIC I thinkis for yachties.. But, as a GA pilot that would be flying into security controlled airfields such as Moorabbin, Bankstown, Parafield, and hopefully Jandakot - as well as the obligatory Birdsville (where I am told there is one bloke who is anal about ASIC card), it will be a ball-ache to try to arrange for an airport official with a red card to meet me, and of course, if I am running latet (ra
  6. I don't even know who you're talking about... Is that Aussie's netball team?
  7. Both countries? Isn't New Zealand really East Australia? [edit] or the Eastern Territory [/edit] Or, is Australia really the West Island? I can't remember...
  8. Oi, Scott! Did you remember to switch on the transponder!!!???!! (the amount of times I have left it on standby and got a right ticking off by ATC is too many to admit to!)
  9. Don't worry, Phil.. Read in this month's Pilot that France has given UK permit aircraft the all clear equivalence so your fellas can fly to France to get fois gras and escargo again without all of the administratrative hassle.. The airfields missing British custom must have complained hard and long enough... 😉
  10. If you're a Hawks support, it's definitely Mayday, Mayday, Mayday.. Ship is going down... (sorry for thread drift).
  11. Deepest condolences to friends and family. A spital dive unchecked or pulled out of too quickly will likely lead to a break-up before you hit the ground (depending on altitude, of course). We had to practice them as part of the PPL and the acceleration is scarily quick and the ASI winds up accordingly. Also a tell tale if a dive over a spin is the increasing air and prop noise.. In GA aircraft I have trained in, recovery of a spiral dive is throttle back, wings level with aileron and then arrest descent with elevator - gently.. I don't know Aussie regs, but
  12. Unf, like Australia, all EU countries are required to levy VAT. This is done at the point of sale and there is now't much that can be done about it when you hand over the cash. Note, if it is an imported aircraft,. chances are it has had import duties paid as well. While it is a legal requirement that EU countrues charge VAT, each countries rules are slightly different. The minimum rate is 15%, but they can charge what they like, and there are exemptions to the 15% as well (e.g. staple foods, etc). A quick look here gives you the rates of each EU country: https://www.avalara.com/va
  13. Getting back to topic, on my next trip to Aus (hopefully not too distant future - could use a forced 2 week break), I will be begrudgingly applying for my ASIC.. The reality, it has spawned a cottage industry of companies that handle the applications - and the CFI at the RVAC is certified to certify docs as originals, etc., so it looks to be a seemless process. But, because of the cottage industry, even if the guvmint wanted to get rid of it, they will find it difficult as whole businesses and employment have popped up as a result. I agree it should be fought at every o
  14. Isn't that Greek, though.. Seems it to me! 😉
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