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  1. Firstly, it is unclear whether the lapotop and/or content is authentic.. You'll get a good treatment on this on the ABC's Fireside Chat, last week.. But, the shop owner is a dedicated Trump supporter, why would Hunter Biden drop a laptop off for repair at an unknown shop for repair when he lives on the other side of the country? Why was it not encrypted? Why would he not pick it up again if it had a lot of sensitive data (cost of the laptop is not important)? Why does the shop owner contradict both his original timelines and that esposued by I think Giuliani? Yet, the shop, in Delaware, is onl
  2. Except for Yeovilton, the other airfields I mentioned are those they definitely won't let you near as a civvie. With Yeovilton, they will, but, like others, you need to give notice (I have given at least a week's notice) and of course, it must not conflict with their operations. I have ben to Yeovilton (Naval Air Service rather than RAF) twice, once for their airshow and once for an all-day meeting (non-military related) held at their museum meeting centre. You have tio give details similar to a GAR (General Aviaton Request) form, which I guess they forward to the Special Branch for backgorund
  3. Let's not forget, the video presented in the OP was put together by the Lincoln Project - a bunch of republocans opposed to the election of the republican nominated presidential candidate.. I am not sure anything like this has happened in the history of US politics (I am not sure it hasn't either, but not in my lifetime).
  4. Campaing Against Sivil Aviation, eh? That is a shame... There are fields here that have a reputation for denying permission, but the pilot can make a complaint and if there was no operational requirement denyung the permission, then the station commander can be in for a bit of a grilling.. However, how many times do they not have such an operational requirement? Shame though, and a little short-sighted.. Can you imagine a father taking his impressionable children to a mil field and they are so smitten by it, they decide they want a career in the forces - they are closin
  5. I just checked my log book and my very first training flight for the PPL was at RVAC on June, 1988. At the time, RVAC's single fleet were all PA28s, mainly Warriors and a 181. My first flight was in JIO, which is still used by club. Also at the club during my time there is MRX (the -181 - affectionally known as Mr X), BZE, and I think TPW (although it may have been there when I last flew there as a non-member in about 2012). The two 152s replaced UPS and UPY, both were involved in fatal accidents (1 near Coldstream and 1, I think a mid-air over or in the Moorabbin circuit). The Seminole may ha
  6. Maybe may be worth asking when is a good time to come and visit? In the UK, there is a sense that as these airports are continually paid for by the taxpayer, the public should be able to use them as much as possible...
  7. I have been watching this: And checked the local airport in Newcastle on Google maps.. and it is RAAF Williamtown... Had no idea before that.. How pig ignorant am I?
  8. @Flying Binghi - thanks.. will look it up.. @Bruce Tuncks - Missed that one...
  9. I did an internet search to find out to what extent civvies can use military airfields in Australia and didin't come up with anything. In the UK, the MOD actively encourage civvies to use military airfields.. It isn't always cheap (e.g. £40 landing fee at RNAS Yeovilton if you have the requisite insurance), but in a land of ever diminishing civvie airfields, it is an important option. Of course, it is PPR and at the discretion of the station commander, but I have a few airfields in the log book where there are operational fighting squadrons and training ones. A friend of mine popp
  10. @bluebird121 - How did you get on getting to Edinburgh? I have been looking for flights back to Aus (Sydney) and with 4 weeks notice and a whole lot of cash, there is a way.... The in laws of a friend in Melb spent $11K each to get to Ireland and back (family bereavement). I know you have Emirates credits, but unless it was business, my guess is they did (or will or would have) requested a top up.
  11. First sentence - agree.. No evidence (yet).. IRS still investigating. Sentences 2 and 3.. I am not sure if you have operated as a company before, but even in the USA, you cannot treat your company revenue as your personal income. You can either a) pay yourself a salary (with appropriate taxes, social security, ambo, fire service, medicare (US) and other deductions), or take your personal spend as dividends and by taking into account the equivalent of Franking Credits, deduct the similar tax from those dividends as you would if you were employed by your company (see above taxes and
  12. @SplitS - this is a very good point.. And I can't remember the numbers, but the number of bombs he has dropped is less than half of the total that Obama dropped during his tenure, so by extrapolation assuming a second term, he will have droped less in existing conflicts than Obama dropped in both existing and new conflicts. My son keeps telling me that Obama has authorised many drone strikes that have taken out may thousands of innocent civvies as collateral damage and then used the excuse thaty the strikes were necessary to save thousands of lives. I haven't double checked, and even if I did
  13. BTW - still think JB will fall marginally short.
  14. This is probably more for socialaustralia.com.au, but given the last few posts, I will put it here. I find this the most balanced discussion about the presidential race and it does discuss some of the above:
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