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  1. Really?!? They may turn off being responsive to you, but those phones and devices track your every move.. and I would not put it past them if they still listen to you. Remember, Google's chrome would clandestinely film you when you were surfing the web (if your laptop/desktop had a web cam). These tech giants amass petabytes of data every day, apply algorithms and either directly sell it or sell their advertising platform to make squillions. They are not going to stop recording what you do because you "turn off" their features. Yep.. People in the [positive] limeligh
  2. Read my mind, Peter... I guess the cost might be prohibitive comapred ot the returns messrs Fox et al get...
  3. OK.. So I am lost again.. The airfield's not closing; presumably the coffee shop has permission to operate at the airfield; and the council is not allowing the coffee chop to attract passers-by for their custom? I have to admit, I don't know that area too much, but looking at it on Google Maps, it isn't a small grass farm strip and has a warbirds business and a school by the looks of it. Why would a council not want a business to attract custom? It's not like it is competing with anyone. Also, isn't the government hot on road safety, one of the things being take a break
  4. Thanks Turbs for explaining.. I didn't realise the airfield was closing down..
  5. Maybe I read this wrong.. .Are the council saying they can't attract customers from outside the airfield to the airfield? Even if they coffee shop was included as something that made up an airfield, how would that have changed the council decision/direction about what I guess is putting up signage to attract customers to the coffee shop from outside the airfield? If so, there is something very wrong - and airfield is, at the end of the day, just another industrial/commercial site to situate businesses and it sounds, well, just nuts.
  6. Not a FB user, so can't see it...
  7. Gard Darnit.. Never trust Google again.. I used to live in Melton and visited the airfield quite a few times.. Only time I have seen a tiger snake in the wild - well a half a Tiger Snake - presume the Kookas got to it.. Absolutely carp airfield when I visited.. But a nice C172.. No cafe, though!
  8. Isn't YMEL Tullamarine? Bloody hope the runway's not in poor condition. I have to admit, the on airfield fayre is much better over here than in Aus - in general.. I still tell people who are going on road trips to skip the motorway (highway) services and head for local GA/Rec airfields. However, there have been a few where,unf., the on-airfield providers were not patronised enough... Don't use 'em, you lose 'em.
  9. Absolutely agree.. The other bit to remember is to look at the decision of the High Court in the context of precedent, where constitutional challenges are brought (usually the full bench is the definitive interpretation). The ADF (like many other countries' defence forces) are often deployed for humanitarian aid. This isn't S&R, and isn't military operations (in the sense of war, anyway). The aid can be foreign or domestic.. https://news.defence.gov.au/topic/disaster-relief-humanitarian-assistance They even help with cleaning up afterwards: https://ajem.infoser
  10. In the UK, as long as parliament passed a law or the direction to murder civilians was authorised under an act of parliament, then, no, it wasn't illegal (although, in all honesty, there is a case to say the UK parliament is illegal or has no authority - all to do with William of Orange, or something like that). Although academics and the legal profession believe the UK has a constitution, the doctrine of parliamentary supremacy means that the courts will not challenge a law made by parliament. Therefore, the massacre of coal miners was performed under parliamentary laws, then, it
  11. Oh boy.. Why a small stretch of land gathers so much attention when so many other wars are going on in the same area, resulting in hundreds of thousands, if not millions of deaths and suffering, I will never know... But, this has been discussed ad-nauseam on the sister site, originally in a couple of other threads, and of laterly, this one: https://www.socialaustralia.com.au/topic/1477-israel/ I originally was of the opinion most people are today, but after the discussion started in other threads on the sister site,I did a bit of research, and now I am not so sure.. Whe
  12. Third time lucky, eh, FB? 1st Try some conspiracy story about celebrating diversity month amid the chaos - untrue (oh, and that article originally had the photo, which is why I looked it up). Second attempt to conflate two statements into a contradiction when they were just two statements that could have been true and occurred coincidentally.. Finally, you've hit the jackpot that Biden is a crackpot.. though there is no "wokeism" involved, that fascist leaning leaders would solve; just a stuff up.. sort of... This is the actual quote: ""But, look – but no one's being ki
  13. Yes... Quote from General, probably taken out of context against the reporting of people fleeing to the airport... Still not sure of your point. General says that at that point in time, the Taliban aren't interfering with their operations, which may have been true, and at the same time people are panicking and wanting to get to the airport - which may have also been true... So, what is the point? How have the two been connected, except by the word "meanwhile"?? Hard to draw any conclusions. Then the stuff about pride month celebrations. The original photo with the arti
  14. Yeah.. maybe.. but that size 5 rolling pin has since made an appearnace 😉
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