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  1. Darn! Wish I was back in Aus.. That is a shame it isn't open to RAAus pilots - surely it should be f they have the requisite endorsements and the plane has the speeds.. Even as a GA'er, I find it unproductive.
  2. I'm not sure what the RAAus flight instructors courses cover, but GA flight instructors courses cover little about actually flying, and more about how to teach people in a cockpit and ground briefing environment. A lot of emphasis is on communication, how to impart knowledge, identifying student's reactions, cognitive patterns, and working with them through different techniques to encourage and affirm to them when things are tough for them - which happens in virtually every student (yes, there are some true sky gods, but not many). IN other words, it teaches people what to do when their studen
  3. Indeed, spacey...And those who are supposedly well educated have doors opened too easily for them...
  4. Then, spacey, can I invite you to the..... dark side.... GA.. At least we expect the red tape...
  5. Jerry_Atrick

    Tupolev Tu-144

    As someone who used to live under the long final approach to Heathrow's 27L when Concorde was alive, I am trying to think where I have seen one of these before... sporting different livery, though... 😁 A few times,I was having a telephone meeting and we had to pause.. and the Bloomin Concorde was probably on close to idle... [edit] I say "Blooin" as a mark of affection of the ol' bird..
  6. It's a short, fat Connie... Never seen one before.. and hopefully never again.. French normally make beautiful things.. that lack practicality.. I recently parted with a TB20.. Ask me why...
  7. I remember being at Minneapolis airport reading an opinion in Flying (American) magazine about how, when the bean counters asked the pilots and cabin crew what would bring more people and money/revenue to the airline, they answered being on time, having better in flight sustience, etc. The same bean counters went to a marketing agency and asked the same question, to which the response was to paint the tails of the aircraft with someething funky. They did the latter, followed by a PR campaign and low-and-behold, revenues shot up... The airline captain writing the article conceded they were wron
  8. When I did my EASA PPL flight test in the UK, my examiner convinced me to incoude in the plan a flight into French airpsace so I cousl experience another country's procedures. Once I agreed, we plotted a course to coast out over Folestone to Calais.. "It is the shortest route - if we have an engine failure, we will turn back and head to British waters.. The UK doesn't charge for SAR... the French do..."
  9. I am not normally one for flying boats (Compromise that produces a bad aircraft and bad boat), but this model is a beauty!
  10. When I first came to the UK, I could not believe the cost of Japanese cars... It took a while, then it dawned on me... those made outside the EU were slammed with extortionate customs duties. Also, Nissan discontinued Patrols here (which are one of my faves.. but then.. the 4x4 here is not quite the same as back home, so brute-ish 4x4s are not needed.. despite the many Landrovers I see here). Hopefully the cost of Japanese cars will come down after Brexit. And bikes. Second hand Japanese bikes here are crazy prices, because new ones are, too. Hopefully they both will decrease, too.
  11. I cetainly agreed that Norton and Macafee were pretty over the top.. but I am typing this from a Macafee protected PC and I have to say, it has improved immensly... And no, neither I, nor anyone I know has any vested interest in Macafee! Is Norton still going? I bought one of his books on the innards of the PC and, FFS, it was harder to read than Gray's Anatomy. Anyway, back to the lack of aircraft for sale.. There is 12 currently on these classified.. Surely there are more RAA aircraft for sale in Aus? What are the other sites that are dedicated to RA aircraft for sale in Aus?
  12. And a happy new year to you, too.. (and everyone else)...
  13. I have a slightly different theory on AF447.. If you are an ATPL pilot and you have not learned not to pull back and the difference between the AoA and pitch angle, somethig is woefully wrong. As I recall, it was a releiving officer - I think a second officer - that had the right hand seast while the captain took a break. He pulled the yoke back which caused the stall.. The first officer, who was in the left hand seat had tried nose down and various other things. The captain came, but all too late, immediately put the aircraft nose down, but it apparently wasn;t responding. It was later conclu
  14. I should be very quick to say that Part M Lite (I think the Lite is how the Eurocrats spelled it to look more friendly) has reversed a lot of the damage - but not all. @spacesailor- your cousings & partners reminded me that during that period,people were scrapping their aircraft and selling the parts for more than they could get for a whole plane. People were also buying aircraft for the engine as it was cheaper than an overhaul... and scrapping the rest (often the avionics were obsolete).. Again.. thanks to the EU mandating we needed .8.33 khz spacing rather than the 25hhz spacing
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