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  1. @pmccarthy- don't do it.. don't go to the dark side.... 😉 As yo and I now, whatever it costs today, it will cost more tomorrow!
  2. Sadly, 2020 and 2021 weren't great years for me.. While I managed to keep flying in 2020 (just shy of 100 hrs), 2021 was a rather bare cupboard. Apparently, while I classify flying as a staple, the Financial Director (aka wife) considers it at the top of the discretionary spend that can be cut. Well, you know the ol' saying.. happy wife, happy life. But, onwards and upwards, and I am negotiating a purchase of another shareoplane (TB20, again), and with the mild wx we have had in blighty; with a new medical I can only see another 100+hrs this year. Re hours aren't hours, well, it de
  3. Jack of all trades; master of none... (well, except for costing a small fortune)
  4. An F35 ditched in the Med the other day.. That's about USD $100M down the dunny... and they have to either recover it or destroy it... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-59323895
  5. Setting up a second retirement policy, Mr Perry? 🙂 A mate of mine form Melbourne used to go to Jo'burgh every year because of the wimmin... Ended up marrying one...
  6. I used to fly form Coldstream and never saw it on any charts I had.. Do you know how old it is?
  7. https://www.facebook.com/AOPAaustralia/videos/431995338291761
  8. The first though that came to my mind was lucky fella that ended up with her... OK.. I am Aussie born and bred - moved out here when I was 30 (and a bit).. But, I have to say.. *cough and ahem, together*, at the risk of pitchforks greeting me next time I arrive at tulla.. er.. English women (or more accurately, women that live in England - even the Aussies).. are.. *ahem, cough*.. on a pro-rata basis, *ahem, cough* a bit more attractive that their Aussie counterparts (actually, when Aussie and Kiwi girls come out here, they realise they have competition and smarten up quick smart).
  9. Not F16s, but at RNAS Yeovilton you can fly in with PPR and they have F35s now (in days gone by Harriers were the go). So in theory, you could be #2 behind one...
  10. Really?!? They may turn off being responsive to you, but those phones and devices track your every move.. and I would not put it past them if they still listen to you. Remember, Google's chrome would clandestinely film you when you were surfing the web (if your laptop/desktop had a web cam). These tech giants amass petabytes of data every day, apply algorithms and either directly sell it or sell their advertising platform to make squillions. They are not going to stop recording what you do because you "turn off" their features. Yep.. People in the [positive] limeligh
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