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  1. Guess when you got over 55,000 Rotax engines world wide compared to 6000 Jabiru engines You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out which is the reliable one.
  2. 145 in 2018, 72 in 2019 & currently 90 so far this year, pretty happy for a hack RAA pilot who is restrict to flying only weekends as the RAAF curtails weekday flying. + I worked away for 6 months of the year on rotation for the last 26 years up until 3 months ago. 1645 hrs in the last 16 years so cannot complain too much.
  3. Wires huh, hope he wasn’t showboating. Glad the aviator is going to be ok.
  4. Nothing much other than killing yourself happens when you are stupid. Ambitions exceeded ability in this case.
  5. I would love to ferry a plane from Australia to the USA & back, something I have always thought about. Not much just a little hop over a ship load of water.
  6. He is still there as a assistant tech manager, just sitting in the background waiting to pounce I guess.
  7. Me neither, lost about 6 months of subscriptions I paid for when they stopped it also
  8. Mike , apparently so, my bet is it gets a huge advertising plug in the mag if we ever get it.
  9. RFguy, I have flown many times over the divide in a Trike and in my Tecnam, depending on what you are flying and what route you are taking & the winds aloft will give you the minutes you spend over no man’s land. Height is your friend, if cloud base limits you you will have longer runs over where the tigers hide. You must know the wind direction as it could be critical if the fan stops, the valley 10 miles down wind might be reachable where the valley 5 miles upwind might not be. It is all weather related, you need probably a minimum of 2500 ft above the terrain to avoid possible moun
  10. I seen post 3 OME before I wrote it. I’m not making fun of him in any way, he killed himself by his own hand without any help from others. If you feel what I wrote is insensitive we are totally different people.
  11. You got it all wrong. Another Covid 19 death
  12. Flightrite, No plenty more photos from the iPhone were taken, just cannot work out why they doubled up as in the preview it was just one of each
  13. Well hell of a good days flying today, West Sale to Lang Lang then around Western Port to Phillip Island, lap around the Island and a few around the race track then off to Wilson’s Promontory via Wonthaggi and Sandy point, from the bottom of the Prom to Yarram Airport for a coffee and a restroom stop. Left Yarram and tracked to the coast via McLaughlins beach then 1500ft all the way to Lakes Entrance, couple of laps around Lakes then off to Pilgrim International at Bruthen. Voice mail from my sister saying they were at Lakes had me heading back for a couple of passes past Kalimna pub and a w
  14. So we talking about a Bristol boxkite?, Bulldog?, Blenheim? Beaugfighter or a Britannia? Or is it the Bristell? Fly the Bristell within its design parameters and you will most likely not spin it in. (It should be noted that in Europe they are fitted with a BRS as it is mandatory, the chute is fitted forward of the instrument panel, so these ones that have flat spun in after being mishandled and not had chutes fitted are less 13kg forward for cog, does this play a part?) It had a comprehensive spin testing regime conducted by a well qualified Soviet Test pilot who spun it 100’s of times with
  15. Yenn, I don’t think the area frequency would have helped all that much at that height as the Strzelecki ranges are at about 2000 Ft, not many airliners flying either to pick up the call as Melb ctr would have probably not heard the call.
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