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  1. Topped out at 117.7 for the year just gone. Time to start 2022’s tally tomorrow. Fly safe everyone for the year ahead.
  2. I trained for my RAA in a 160 and learnt very quickly you have to keep the weight off the nose wheel for as long as possible when landing, I had one time early on in my training where I was trying to chase the yippy dance with the rudder to no avail, all was required was pull the stick back and the plane behaved very well. I have seen many instances over the years a Jab dance just after touchdown, it’s not the planes fault.
  3. A more sensitive geometry alright, they do a yippy vippy dance real quick (160 that is) not sure on the 230 but I’m guessing so..
  4. 100 hours again this year, my average over the last 17 years is just over 104 a year, best year was 147 back in 2018, not bad for someone who doesn’t have weekday access due to the RAAF activation and can only fly weekends and when the RAAF shuts down for a month over Christmas.
  5. Thank you red750 for the heading correction as I did notice it after I posted it and couldn’t figure out how to change it. Much nicer.
  6. I’m not stringing anyone up, someone’s grounded, lucky guess by the police where to dig up out of all that vast mountainous area to search.
  7. Saying human remains have been found in the search area. Guess the accused is well and truly grounded now.
  8. That he was derekliston, had the pleasure of meeting him once in person in 2013 whilst on a campervan road trip from Cairns to Brisbane. Had many a phone conversation with him though over the years.
  9. Hello fellow flyers, 6 years ago today we lost Ross Millard (AKA Maj Millard) in a preventable accident, thoughts are with Deb & Kelly on this day in time as is every year past on this day. Blue sky’s and tailwinds Maj Alf.
  10. 7252, There was a fatal a few years back at Yarram in a J170 for that exact reason during his go around which was quite sad for not only the pilot but also for the people that saw it unfold. Alf
  11. Turbs, Yep a 172 with full flap was a handful back in my training days in the mid 80’s when you did a go around, quite a few lives have been lost with the seats either failing or not being locked in properly. Takes a hell of a lot of effort when it pitches up. Alf
  12. Turns, My guess it will but that is why you have a control column or stick for, I was taught to tell the plane what you want to do and not have it dictate to you.
  13. All good plans can turn to Sh!t just as ours have, but we are making the most of what we have. 6 months back the planning started for an outback adventure with some friends who haven’t really been too far from home in their planes. Planned to fly from West Sale to SwanHill- Broken Hill - Coober Pedy - Innamincka - Thargomindah - Longreach - Charleville- Dubbo - Temora - Echuca - Stawell then back home over 14 days so booked accommodation and car hire. Then!!!!! 3 weeks before departure good old Vic goes in to 1 week lockdown so SA & Qld close the borders to us Mexicans, hmmm
  14. Well I guess he could say the child is a newborn and his wife went in to expedited labour when the engine failed, was born on descent to the forced landing cleaned up and dressed before touchdown. Oh and the child aged a year through the experience of it all. That should work?
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