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  1. Only one will win and that’s the lawyer as the win whether you win lose or draw, just need to take a cup of concrete and harden up, get over it move on as you will be better for it not going through that school.
  2. Well for starters you cannot replace them with me or the missus as o would not have been there if I was not current. His decision making alone brought him and his son undone, as sad as it is it should not really have happened but it did.
  3. At the end of the day he wasn’t current or licensed so he should not of been flying so it shouldn’t have happened. Can’t blame ATC on this one as he should not of been in the air piloting a plane.
  4. Susan sounds like a bit of a Covid Karen. Bet you got more chance of getting a 4 lane freeway built from Australia to the USA across the Pacific from the Genie you found in a bottle on the beach than asking him to figure out how her mind works.
  5. Depending on who your instructor is is the difference between how you feel about a BFR, me I find them very valuable with the 2 different instructors I have had over the years.
  6. Mercy Mission rescue of flight 771. Movie based on a true story of an American ferry pilot ferrying an Cessna 188 ag wagon from San Fransisco to Australia in December 1978 who’s navigation equipment malfunctioned and got lost between Pago Pago and Norfolk Island. A commercial Air New Zealand 767 Jet without onboard radar eventually found him after many hours searching for him and using many old WW2 pilot tricks to pinpoint his location from the wise old captain and the navigator. You can watch the full movie off the net. enjoy, I have many a time.
  7. Steve, the soft start allows the engine to fire 4 degrees after TDC which will save the sprag clutch from any damage, once it reaches 1000 rpm it reverts back to 27 deg BTDC like the standard ignitions. I have to replace my sprag clutch soon as my battery got a bit tired a while back and it kicked back a few times and damaged it. you will never have a problem with soft start modules.
  8. The Faeta is very Tecnam Sierra looking in the fuselage but does not look like it has the dihedral in the wings like the Sierra does but it’s wingspan looks bigger than the Sierra, but overall it would be a lovely plane I think and it looks quite good.
  9. Guess when you got over 55,000 Rotax engines world wide compared to 6000 Jabiru engines You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out which is the reliable one.
  10. 145 in 2018, 72 in 2019 & currently 90 so far this year, pretty happy for a hack RAA pilot who is restrict to flying only weekends as the RAAF curtails weekday flying. + I worked away for 6 months of the year on rotation for the last 26 years up until 3 months ago. 1645 hrs in the last 16 years so cannot complain too much.
  11. Wires huh, hope he wasn’t showboating. Glad the aviator is going to be ok.
  12. Nothing much other than killing yourself happens when you are stupid. Ambitions exceeded ability in this case.
  13. I would love to ferry a plane from Australia to the USA & back, something I have always thought about. Not much just a little hop over a ship load of water.
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