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  1. On condition is the norm these days for eng/props for Pvt Ops, was an “about time” ruling some years ago.
  2. I’ve got a VH plane with numerous Bunnings Aerospace parts, after market parts, battery is like you would find in any Rec Vehicle, all legal👍
  3. Anything that was designed for war was short lived. Longevity wasn’t their primary concern. Wood is a great medium, still is👍
  4. Looks simple enuf to me but I guess some just see ‘Red’ at such sruff😂😉
  5. Buying anything S/H is a risk, we’ve all probably been burnt sometime! The law’s an ass in this corrupt nation!
  6. I’ve got both the Flight of the Phoenix movies, first one is a work of art, second one Hollywoodized! Although I did like J Cash’s intro song👍 whilst I’m sure all my fans will jump up and down about this but I found the movie Sully mostly awful! All over the place with numerous BS inaccuracies!
  7. As with all these weasly ideas ‘different’ is hard to sell to a very entrenched market. Most people dislike flyi g they just wanna get there so speed is e eruthing! First of type is a huge risk! Can’t see it taking off beyond the curiosity stage?
  8. 42 years from big city dromes to fly infested outback holes! Don’t assume!
  9. How many times have you lot seen a fuel filter of any brand clogged or severely contaminated? In 50 years of tinkering with donks from lawn mowers to turbine donks I’ve never seen a severely effected fuel filter! get over it!😂
  10. We should rejoice, what with so many of our fellow brethren out of work any opportunity to get a job even if for a short while is a good thing☹️ I wish them all the success but it won’t be easy, Aussie's are known to chop such new adventures off at the knees!👍
  11. I detest QF, often known as the SkyGods (personnel opinion only) so any Airline that comes along I embrace👍
  12. Was taxiing out one day in a PA42 when the tower said I need to return to the Co apron. Seems a mech just realised he couldn’t find his lock wire pliers....shut down he took the cowl off and there they where sitting atop the PT6.......it was a nervous flight after that!
  13. You are one brave soul flying over tiger country in one of those things😉👍Your music puts me to sleep😂
  14. I hope no one asks how a wing produces lift otherwise we are stuffed!😂😂👍😉
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