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  1. Cessna, no longer made of course, just ask any Journo😁
  2. I wonder if one will be allowed to post here if unvaxed?😂
  3. I avoid dromes where Ldg fees are payable as much as I can, it's a rip off, always has been but hey pilots are rich so lets target them as we/they have mostly a captive market! Grubs!
  4. The A/C wasn't stalled until the very last few seconds when it started to drop away at point of impact otherwise it would have not climbed & got there in the first place! It was no doubt very close or on the stall speed which is still a flyable speed.
  5. I keep moisture absorbent crystals in my engine compartments, no more wet engines:-) Amazing the water i collect on certain cold damp clear nights.
  6. I used to own a C150 about a 100 years ago, when being taught to drive it was told NEVER to put down 40degs flap till you where committed or not at all! The difference in stall speed and ground run is minimal between 30-40 degs.
  7. Well said! We are in serious trouble not from the virus but from the tyranny we are under!
  8. YBDV (Birdsville for the hurt) used to be a great adventure in the 70 & 80's, a true outback wilderness, now just another commercial cesspool:-( As mentioned money/greed have taken over as well as the fear of litigation!:-( Glad I had the chance to fly into there many times before it was ruined:-(
  9. One of the most ugly side effects of this con job is that it has divided the nation! Something the corrupt politicians enjoy & use it to their advantage! Everyone is entitled to an opinion but apparently not in this country!
  10. skip to 6:00 mins, the rest is a waste of film:-) I bet the farmer was impressed!:-)
  11. Where would this world be if the word 'racist' was invented? People tend to use it as a crutch! We've become such a soft society!
  12. That ATC controller was way out of place there! NO controller has the right to dictate to a commander what's the best outcome when it comes to WX avoidance, that was a disgraceful performance!
  13. I've had Toyota's & Fords (apart from a couple of old Holden's back in 70's which I wish I still had!) my entire 48 years driving, the Toyota's where worth their weight in gold as was the two Ford Falcons. Never bought a new car, must have saved myself a fortune over those years:-) The Ford Ranger is a POS, a mate who has his own mech business has made a reg income from their crap:-) As for Chinese junk? Well we'd be stuffed without China!
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