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  1. I'll take metal any day. Easy to repair, shows any structual issues easily, easy to work with?
  2. Again save ya breath mate, I don't bother answering these types of believers, they are on a single minded mission with blinkers on?
  3. How many hours have you in both types? The C175 lasted 4 years in production, had engine issues and poor performance, fail. The C177 lasted longer around 10 years or so, had perf & handling issues, both designs where dropped by Cessna for obvious reasons.
  4. KR mate am glad I'm not 30, according to the fear merchants I ought to be dead! Let's hope the sheeple get some perspective here with all this hysteria and fear but I guess I am dreaming,?
  5. I heard on the ABC news today the poor unfortunate 30 yr old guy who passed away had multiple underlying issues, surprise surprise! Gotta love the hysteria behind a good fear story!
  6. This is the sort of plane that gives you mixed emotions, cute & ugly all at the same time??
  7. That's kinda known already in the GA world but a coincidence in the early series 4 seaters, C175, dog, C177, dog. If they where sucsesful they would be making them today!? A friend if mine has an RG strutless gutless he bought it so his wife can get better access, they are known for room but it sits in the hangar most if it's life, he is less than impressed with its slug perf. I did my retract endo in one a hundred years ago, loved the view and space but that's all!?
  8. There's is plenty of further info on the Govt sites like dhhs.vic & Vict.gov Seeing as we can fly that's my main interest?
  9. I have that screen snapped already on my phone in case an over zealous Mr plod wants to throw his weight around!
  10. The gutless cutless had its own stigma referred as the C172RG, it too suffered from lathargic performance. Cessna where at a dilemma with the Cardinal, originally designed to replace the 172 but after numerous negative outcomes along the way with increasing HP, making them RG they where caught between a rock and a hard place. Put an even bigger engine on them? Cessna already had the higher HP larger 182 series so gutless strutless model was dropped but still has a following. The spar AD like its larger cousin the 210 is another thorn in the designs side which no doubt effects the value.
  11. My friend has a '59 C180 he Flt Plns 125 kts 50 lph, not an economical machine but versatile.
  12. Tigers has been dead in the water for ages. They have hung on to the AOC but they have conned the workers all along! The idiots at VA had a good thing going there with Tigers but as usual they f***** it up big time!
  13. That's true OME we do tend to accept something even it is not considered normal, what is it! Normalisation of deviance? That could fit. I used to work for an Oil Co in another life and we got used to all sorts of petrochemical smells, any new person passing thru the site would say how an you stand the smell? What smell?
  14. I see/read the YBDG club have suspended operations cause AOPA said we can't fly, the AOPA sheeple are spreading!?
  15. The 180's are a great plane but priced in crazy numbers! Expensive to operate for their speed though.
  16. I've got a few hours in the old Cardinal, best looking machine Cessna made, but that's all! They are known to be a slug especially off the ground loaded.
  17. It's tragic that someone has died at that age BUT if he was healthy then we are ALL in serious trouble! Fear & hysteria some thrive on!
  18. Agree, they are a waste of money!
  19. KRviator ref my post #381 You are wasting your time with those convinced we are doomed!!
  20. For an engine that is "one of the worst" there's an awful lot of them!?
  21. M61A1 forget it you won't convince some, the current batch of Kool aid is very strong!? We will just sit back and wait, wait for Dan's amazing next round of draconian laws!
  22. People don't need to fear the draconian laws all the time!
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