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  1. Is the whole operation of importing made easier from a Quarantine/Customs point IF the aircraft can be ferried in? e.g. Ex NZ Island hopping? Larger GA types are often ferried across the Pacific.
  2. Robyn's first sonerai VH-SGS (now RAAUS registered) is here in Bundaberg. Has flown only a hand full of times in past 8 or 9 years.
  3. So we are not sure yet of aircraft type? There was mention somewhere that RAAus would be investigating. Condolences to the family and friends of those involved.
  4. It is not only the CASA Aircrsft register that is public. The ACMA Register of radio frequencies and callsigns is also public.
  5. Had RAAus aircraft owners operating into those aerodromes that publish a landing fee given their contact details to AVDATA then this thread would not exist in my opinion.
  6. This new instrument requires pilots who have had their licence cancelled, suspended or varied by CASA to notify any Sport Aviation Body (SAB) from which they hold (or intend to hold) a pilot certificate. The SAB is then obliged to suspend a pilot certificate unless CASA has provided written approval. The content of the instrument has been drafted to closely align with legislation that currently exists under Civil Aviation Safety Regulation (CASR) Part 149. Does this mean a pilot Certificate holder who also holds a Part 61 Licence could have his/her Pilot Certificate suspended if the Part 61
  7. What have these CTA posts got to do with a weight increase? Another thread for CTA I suggest.
  8. Can we please get back to the topic. RAAus 760kg upgrade. Are there any comments from those who attended Jarrad Smiths talk at Airventure on this subject?
  9. RAAus email to members on the CASA weight increase consultation and stall speed. Quote RAAus will address this point in a formal response to the consultation however we need to ensure members are aware of the RAAus position. As aircraft weight is increased, in many cases so too does the stall speed. In rebuttal to restricting the stall speed to 45 knots. Unquote. It will be interesting to see if CASA takes any notice of a formal response from RAAus as CASA have said the consultation is for a weight increase with no change to existing stall speeds.
  10. Ken, are you saying that "M&M" were assuming there would be a removal of max stall speed with any weight increase? Or they hadn't thought about the stall speed of 760kg MTOW aircraft? This could cause probs with some aircraft already on the RAAus Register. Aircraft now limited to 600kg thus keeping stall speed around 45kts at that weight but will increase at the higher 760kg MTOW. The Colt is one along with the RV4 and probably others.
  11. The only Vans RV aircraft (other than the RV3 / RV12) that will fit due stall speed at 760kg will be the RV9 series. All the rest have published stall speeds greater than 45kts.
  12. The premise for discussion is for a change to the MTOW limitations that currently apply to 3-axis aeroplanes. It would potentially amend the relevant regulations to permit 3-axis aeroplanes up to a maximum weight of 760 kg, regardless of whether the aircraft is equipped to land on water or not and to be included as aircraft that could be administered by an ASAO. Other limitations such as maximum stall speed would not be changed by this proposal.
  13. It appears from the CASA consultation release that they are ONLY looking at a possible weight increase to 760kg. They are NOT proposing any increase to stall speed. I would think this will limit a lot of 760kg MTOW aircraft from being considered as the stall speed at that weight will be above 45kts. This would be the case for the RV4/6 for example.
  14. Without an increase in stall speed, this won’t help those with a J200 which are limited to 540kgs due Stall speed.
  15. CASA consultation is out. https://consultation.casa.gov.au/regulatory-program/dp-1912ss/consult_view/?utm_source=phplist1923&utm_medium=email&utm_content=HTML&utm_campaign=Have+your+say%3A+Weight+limit+for+aeroplanes+administered+by+Approved+Self-Administering+Aviation+Organisations+[sEC%3DUNCLASSIFIED] I see no increase in stall speed? This won’t help those with a Jab J200?
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