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  1. Not if you live a hundred Ks from the shops. Bernie.
  2. HFA was a resident of Maryborough for some years. Bernie.
  3. My Gazelle 3382. I was told was the first to change from GA the AUF, I bought it from training school and achieved my flying certificate in it. and cross hired it back to the school. Bernie.
  4. WE have had both "jabs" of AZ. Suffered no ill effects. Bernie.
  5. And here's me thinking the "GOV" put that high fence around the Maryborough QLD airfield to keep the Roo's out Little did I know. Bernie.
  6. I carry a PLB in the motorhome...its registed to me and the motorhome . Just incase . Bernie.
  7. I have a hand made copy of the Memphis Belle, bought it in a second hand store in Stanly Tas about 15 years back its hanging up in our patio. I don't have any info on the builder of the model. Bernie.
  8. I'm 79/80 Kg depending on when I weigh myself through the day. Have been this weight for about the last 30 + years or more. I used to be 72Kg prior. I'm 74 and walk 4 plus Ks each morning . Guess I'm not normal? Bernie .
  9. I don't own a metric tape...I never converted...I'm dyslexic with numbers Imperial works for me metric doesn't . The bus in my avatar is 36 foot long . Bernie .
  10. Should I keep my head down I'm camped 100ks west of Dalby at the moment . Bernie .
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