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  1. I'm 79/80 Kg depending on when I weigh myself through the day. Have been this weight for about the last 30 + years or more. I used to be 72Kg prior. I'm 74 and walk 4 plus Ks each morning . Guess I'm not normal? Bernie .
  2. I don't own a metric tape...I never converted...I'm dyslexic with numbers Imperial works for me metric doesn't . The bus in my avatar is 36 foot long . Bernie .
  3. Should I keep my head down I'm camped 100ks west of Dalby at the moment . Bernie .
  4. I don't get any adds...I have add blocker Bernie .
  5. Building motor-homes , the one in the avata is number two have built two since . At the present we have a 21'.6" caravan suitable modified to suit our needs . And of-cause traveling the best country in the world . Bernie .
  6. I think I'm correct I used to take joyflights there... also from memory no runways just as the windsock dictated.. also was a farmer's Market on the corner. With the Milperra bridge opposite. I grew up there. Bernie .
  7. I'm pretty sure that where the Hungry Jack's is ,used to be where the joy flight were back in the 50's. Bernie .
  8. Seems to be a lot of aircraft flying past my area without transponders on...Helicopter just now as I type . Bernie .
  9. Bugga...what's that about a sow's ear ? Bernie .
  10. Every time I use a tap in our place it uses power we are on tank water . 20,000 gallons plus a bore . It doesn't matter what power I use through the day , it's still cheaper than a packet of smokes , and it runs a complete household aircon and all . I don't smoke . Bernie .
  11. I think Degilbo is a bit far from your place Ian ..I live a 100 Ks from any computer shop , we only go to town once a month . I will just persevere . Bernie .
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