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  1. It should pass. Open any air vents available. Spent most of your time looking outside the aircraft, particularly at the horizon and the big picture. This is so you will see what you feel in the seat. Each bump etc. If you spend too much time looking at instruments and in the cockpit, concentrating hard on sticking to a height or whatever, what you feel and what you will see is a mismatch. Glance at instruments, don't gaze at them endlessly.
  2. Further note, my Jabiru 2200 has 5/16 oil hoses, barbs and the same on the Jabiru supplied cooler. I've flown on a 44C day one time, chasing a yak52 around - didn't know it was that hot. No problemo.
  3. Of three same 2200 powered aircraft at my airfield: Mine - no oil thermostat. The other two have THERMOSTASIS. (are they still available - I dunno) One has the original and standard 5/16 oil hoses for our serial engines. I'm not exactly sure if the other has too, or if he went up to 3/8 hoses with a recent cooler change. I run a cooler blanking plate in winter to get usable oil temp, the other two do not. My winter oil temp is about 90C, and the others are closer to 80C which is in the factory spec green range. A bit more might be nicer. Zero problems with the other two, su
  4. One time, (no, not at band camp...) we were in a cafe for breakfast and when it quietened down a bit, the chef/owner would come out and read the quiz from the Sun paper. "What was the Schneider Cup award for?" SEAPLANE RACING says I. "Say what?????? What the hell is seaplane racing????????" JUST LOOK UP THE ANSWER DUDE.
  5. As long as the DAME is a "DAME2" - and many are not - they didn't want the liability or the fluffing around to get it.
  6. I think this is more the style you mean Old K: https://serpentineairrace.com.au/ Serpentine VICTORIA (where there is no airfield)- not WA. Postponed several times due to the Rona.
  7. Air racing is for pussies. Like this one I saw at Reno in 2012. Go fast, turn left.
  8. As someone interested in going to Ausfly, as I normally do, and probably not to Brisbane for their airshow, but earlier to see peeps, I would have been and AM worried about: 1. Getting home to Victoria due to snap lockdowns and border closures at no notice. 2. Getting stuck in NSW or QLD due to snap lockdowns at no notice. Until all states stop this "stuff everyone else, we are going to whatever the hell we like, whenever the hell we like, to whoever the hell we like, and as much the hell as we like" attitudes and policy, I can't see any events of any types being in a go-
  9. It's the unwritten rule that you don't build more than one aircraft from a set of purchased plans. The designer deserves to get some $ for all their work. Buying secondhand but new/unused plans - well that's probably okay - if you know they have not been used to build one aircraft. Buying secondhand used plans, that's just not proper. I have wondered recently though, what happens when the designer is no longer around (RIP) and did not pass on the rights to the plans to another provider? Let's assume the plans are out there on the internet - and many sure are. SAAA do
  10. This just in (source: Beetoota Advocate) "Reports to hand confirm the fact that no more facts can be confirmed at this time. However, at a date soon to be announced, more unconfirmed reports will be denied. This should put an end to all the rumours circulating at the moment."
  11. Less than 2 weeks ago the freezing level out that way sorta Melb to canberra route was forecast to be just 3500 feet. I suggest you talk to some GA IFR pilots about airframe icing considerations and avoidance. Also, not only do Mexicans need to get out of lockdown, NSW will need to open up for you too. Currently effectively closed. Don't plan for their restrictions to end the minute ours do. Plan B: Remove all markings and colors from the airframe and stay below 50 feet, and wear a tinfoil hat, you should be fine.
  12. Bob Hoover got his Aussie CPL granted at and for the first SKYRACE in Tassie at Valley Field, not for Avalon. I was there to see it. Supposedly he did his whole airshow routine practice with the CAA guy on board beside him on the way back in from his flight test - on the Thursday setup/practice day I think it was. Unbelievable routine. Valley Field was similar viewing to what Reno is - huge mountains in the background. Pity is only lasted two seasons (was it just 2?)
  13. Civil Aviation Act: Australian aircraft means: (a) aircraft registered in Australia Many years ago, it did say something along the lines of "Aircraft on the Australian Civil Aircraft Register" - which was only VH aircraft. Presumably they had to change it to capture/include all other aircraft registered in Australia by various self administering aviation bodies. Before that change, all these other aircraft were not "Australian Aircraft" that the regs were written for.
  14. 3 persons on board so the news describes. Lets assume that is true. RAAus registered confirmed by the pics. CAO 95.55 describes it's for 2 place aircraft. Was the aircraft a 2 place aircraft (places for only 2 people) Yes.(assume not modified with a third seat.) RAAus Ops manual describes 2 seat aircraft. Was the aircraft a 2 seat aircraft? (seats for 2 people) Yes. (assume not modified with a third seat.) See where I'm going with this? Is there actually an RAAus rule about the number of passenger(s) you may take? i.e ONE. I can't find one, though it is probably there?
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