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  1. The problem for us in Australia (maybe anywhere) wanting to rely on the Lycoming auto fuel approvals is that it specifies a particular specification of fuel. It doesn't just say 95 or 98 or whatever. Is the fuel we buy here to that exact specification? Doubt it/probably not. But if it was, how would you know? The dude, chick, or dude-chick/chick-dude (to be PC) at the Caltex aint going to know. As it says in the bulletin, the fuel must agree with all specifications in table 2. Lycoming has tested their engines on that exact fuel, not just any old fuel that came out of a pump at the Kwik-Fill o
  2. It certainly seems so - BUT - RAAus has to get their processes and manuals and forms changes all done (and approved by CASA still? - not sure under Part 149 now) before it's usable. Sounds like they are working very hard to get there. And it's not a case of "everybody can now just operate to 760g" no, not by a long shot. It's complex. And as far as they see, the 45 knot stall limit will still apply, so this is quite a catch that will prevent some from accessing 760.
  3. Talk to your local ELDERS branch. They know what works local.
  4. AN illictric plane? Choice! (Mrs 440 is a kiwi, I can say that.)
  5. Don't you hate it when you can't raise the nose because of inadequate ailerons?
  6. Hey ! I resemble that remark! Bugger 32.
  7. E-LSA is either a modified factory built - modified without factory approval, (eg prop change perhaps) or could also be an aircraft that is no longer supported by the factory eg factory gone bust, (or moved to Victoria - same thing...). Your example is not and never would be/could be a home built. Last 3 Q's - someone in RAAus can take on.
  8. G.A. VH Experimental amateur-built owner/builders can and do perform maintenance and issue maint release, subject to CASA's approval conditions.
  9. Update - I've now had 4 perfect idle flights since I removed the JOYWELL filter. So far so good.
  10. Clearly the website was unvaccinated. RIP website. You fought the good fight. Rest now.
  11. So did anyone else see a whole bunch of suits on the news, such as QF Alan Joyce, SCOMO and others, inside the Qantas hangar, probably at Syd-enny, announcing Qantas returning to international flying? AIRSIDE. NOT AN ASIC IN SIGHT. AJ "tanked"a lot of people, like ScoMo. That's nice.
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