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  1. Coming up on 16 years use and probably 18 years fitted of my clear PVC hose fuel guage. It has discolored just a little, and is not as supple as when new, but I don't touch it, I don't mess with it, it has no significant bends in it, just a curve, and it's largely out of the sunlight. No plans to change it any time soon.
  2. I was there recently. Very recently. Take the drive up to Mount Wellington 4380 feet according to my Casio watch. Also go to MONA (aka the museum of WTF???????) I don't really like museums. Loved this one. It's, ah, out there, man. Just go. You can get a boat there, if driving, go early. Must book online. Port Arthur is certainly a must do day trip.Take your own lunch, or there's a coffee van up top of the hill up the back, rather ordinary. Not a mask in sight, (after you escape the airport) business as usual in Tasmania, nothing to see here, move along.... They even take A
  3. Have a Captain Cook at that damage. (that's all I got.)
  4. and I thought this topic was about RAAus into CTA. Silly me 7 5 0 0 and ident.
  5. Aircraft Propellers and Spares Moorabbin will have them.
  6. Oh - Okay, it does have one. Whoda thunk it. In that case an STC might be possible, if someone wanted to fund it. Ouch there.
  7. Given that the J160 does not have a Type Certificate (as far as I know/can see) - an STC Supplemental Type Certificate could not be issued -there is no certificate to park it alongside.
  8. Who puts fish in a kettle...... that's silly.
  9. If only JEM002-8 was the latest, which it aint, but the info is still correct. The 40 degree thing came in at issue 4 in 2014. Was 50C prior to that.
  10. I would imagine Oratex might end up about the same cost as other systems but it would save hours and hours of work, amounting to weeks and weeks in real time. For my plane, just all the spraying alone, I was painting twice a day most days for about 8-10 weeks all up. Plus two gun and pots clean ups a day. It went on forever and stank/stunk the place out. Stinkier than Stinky, the stinky stink bug, stinking up a stink hole.
  11. Perhaps others could post the details of which suppliers in Australia have which products. Do they have it or do they get it (eg from USA) for you. I used Polyfiber in 2004, it all came from Aviaquip at Moorabbin, in stock, no getting messed around. Aviaquip long gone now of course. I've seen an aircraft covered (recently) in ORATEX. Looked fantastic. Having covered an aircraft myself, I can say that with some confidence that I know what I'm looking at. http://www.wheelerswings.com.au/ My tip for anyone: Do not let a spray painter anywhere near your proj
  12. Jabiru 1100 40hp (a one off special in 2006, never produced).
  13. Dunno the plane but it's opposite 3716 Knapp St Oshkosh WI.
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