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  1. You’ve got a good way of looking at a situation @spacesailor. I’ll take you up anytime!
  2. Thelma and Louise had some fun times! @FlyBoy1960 thanks, I will contact her. She must be a lovely person, she flies a Jab😆 @spacesailor yes there are lots of options. I’m just getting a bit bored flying around same local area. Any time spent flying is a bonus, but I hear of people visiting all these wonderful places and I want to be able to tell my own stories. There are plenty of men who do little trips, and would be quite happy to have me tag along, but it’s always nice to have another female in the group too. Also, I have many friends who would love being a passenger, but
  3. Hi all, id like to know if there are many ladies who fly who would like to do a few flyaways together. Preferably who live in NE Vic or border regions. I’m not looking for someone who wants to be a passenger, more some ladies who owns or can hire their own aircraft. A buddy to fly away with.😀 My husband isn’t fussed about doing any overnight trips, or even longer day trips too often, but I’d really like to. I would prefer not to just do trips with men only. just thought I’d put it out there!
  4. @Mike Gearon how’s your strip at French Island going? I’m looking forward to the promised scones!
  5. There is so much interesting stuff here! I would like to update my cockpit a bit so am expecting to learn a lot!
  6. My 2cents worth... I love reading about everyone else’s aircraft! I’ve recently purchased another aircraft myself, and many of you gave advice. But I’m always checking out what everyone else flies, looking at the bio’s then going to websites to check out details of each aircraft. I really enjoy it when someone like Skippy talks about the Faeta. I like his enthusiasm. If he hadn’t thrown the Faeta’s into conversations I wouldn’t have known about it nor explored the possibility of owning one myself. so, I reckon, if someone keeps mentioning an aircraft because they’re passionate about them,
  7. Anyone know who owns the airstrip on Break of Day Rd at Glenburn, Vic? It’s a private strip and shows up really well on the satellite map.
  8. You’d feel special getting into one of them.
  9. Hi @Blueadventures, where you’re flying looks amazing! Is that your Nynja in second last photo.? Nice. What’s the multi coloured aircraft low wing parked next to you? Hope the weather stays nice for you. Enjoy😀
  10. Hi Alan, still only one. Sold my baby, now have the big sister. All grown up now 😆 Bigger, faster, hungrier!
  11. Roscoe, she’s a SP 500. Flew beautifully on the way home, straight and balanced with a light touch on the controls. Was in no rush so cruised home 90kts.
  12. Sweetheart??? ... maybe, hadn’t thought about that. Guess can’t keep calling it “the Jab” 🤫
  13. Just wanted to let everyone know that I did end up buying this aircraft and I flew it home yesterday from Tyabb. Flies beautifully and I’m really happy with it. Thank you so very much to everyone who gave me advice and information. I was getting pretty stressed for a while there, mainly cause I really had no idea how to go about buying a second hand aircraft, what I needed to check, who to ask, everything. I took note of all the advice, had so much help. Worked out well in the end. But, knowing all these things, it’s still caveat emptor, I know I’ve been lucky this time.
  14. Ian, this isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned this but what has been achieved by having this site is truly incredible. I learn something EVERYTIME I go here! Just from reading a variety of posts I can tell others get as much from it as I do. my most recent post has had so much advice freely given. Sounds stupid, but it honestly brought tears to my eyes. one member has even gone to check out an aircraft ive been stupid enough to put money on sight unseen. I know I’m ranting on a bit but this site and the members who make it work are THE BEST. Obviously, I do tell everyone😀
  15. Yes, it is that one, obviously I agree, cause I’m buying it😀 Appreciate your confidence.
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