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  1. I flew from Longreach to Old Station fly-in Raglan in 2005, Longreach to Springsure the first day 6 and a half hours. Had a ground speed of 32kts most of the way. Springsure to Old Station fly-in 5 hours, 3 fuel stops. Flew home from Old Station fly-in in 1 day, I was doing 70kts ground speed at one stage, most of the way I was getting around 60kts, 3 fuel stops home. 363nm.
  2. Half your bloody luck, I've got to wait till December to get my Aeropup. Your T300 is the same color scheme as jackc T300.
  3. G'day Brendan sorry I haven't replied sooner. I went away flying on the weekend. I've got 2 weeks off over Christmas so I am hopping to go then. The rear bulkhead on Jacks T300 is home made, Iv'e still got the aluminium tubing to make the rear fuselage it into a T500 in my hanger.
  4. Sorry BrendAn I've got know idea on how to put pictures up.
  5. I have the same problem, I'm in QLD and I brought an Aero Pup which is in NSW. Hopefully the borders will open up soon.
  6. BrendAn where is the T300 you brought
  7. If you do wake up one morning all fired up to fly your Thruster to Longreach let me know, it would be good to catch up with another Thruster pilot. I was looking at the pictures of your T300 and realized it come from Longreach and belonged to a young bloke I used to work with.
  8. SAJ


    Rego renewal
  9. SAJ


    I just paid the rego on my T500 and it only cost me $198.
  10. I do Thruster T500, I'd be keen to do a trip like that
  11. How much aileron droop have you got.
  12. Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier Don, I work out of town and I forgot all about it. Do you have any pictures of the damaged area or areas that need work to be done. How much fuel does it hold, whats the MTOW and cruise speed. I know nothing about Karatoo's so any information you can give me would be great. I'm looking for a plane to do some bush flying in, the Thurster is great but I want something faster, the Jabiru is great but not a good bush plane,something in between, the Karatoo looks interesting. Thanks Shane
  13. What repairs are required or is it just the fitting of an engine. Do you have anymore pictures
  14. Piglet, I had a ringing noise I could hear when I was flying at cruise speed of 5200 to 5400 rpm even through my headsets on my 582 grey head Thruster T500. I traced it to my starter motor, I replaced the starter motor spring and the noise was gone, that was back in 2007.
  15. I just saw it on TV on ten central, its the type of aircraft every recreational pilot can afford. The person doing the broadcast said you could have on to for $250,000
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