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  1. I understood that you needed to train in rag and tube types to be allowed to fly them under RAA. If you train in the high performance types you have to do extra training to fly something like a Drifter. Has that changed?
  2. A spare tube, pump, spark plugs, lock wire, gaffer tape, insulation tape, plug spanner, spanners/Allen keys to change a wheel, oil, etc etc.
  3. I did training in a Drifter with AUF thirty years ago, but I don’t remember what it cost per hour. So the problem is not owning and operating, but training? Around here instructors seem to charge about $100 per hour for their time. Unfortunately electricians and plumbers are the same. I guess if an instructor could get 3 hours work per day, 5 days per week, 47 weeks per year his gross income would be around $70,000 per year. The difficulty would be finding the students.
  4. There is nothing stopping anyone buying and operating a cheap aircraft. I have seen them advertised in the $10-15,000 range recently. What is it about the recreational scene that is upsetting people who want to do that?
  5. I have never been inside a Jabiru but I did research this question and the J230 came out on top. Practical and good load capacity. At the time there were several relatively new ones to be had around $90 k but I suspect they are not so available now. Autopilot would be very handy. Otherwise instruments don’t matter, steam gauges are fine, navigate with the iPad.
  6. A separate category makes sense.
  7. Once you have learned, it is as easy as driving a car well.
  8. I have been following Scrappy since episode 1. I don’t understand how he can drag race that airframe without wings. I would have expected a torque reaction that might need ailerons to manage.
  9. A good looking aircraft for its time.
  10. Ian, as you probably know I started a Group for our club when you added groups. I emailed quite a few people but no- one joined RF as a result. The two who signed up were already RF members. So there was no point in proceeding. I had expected to expand RF as a result as other clubs joined. I don't know what this means. But you may not get clubs involved.
  11. I guess we all know that lawn bowls has the highest fatality rate of all Australian sports.
  12. Apolo Bay if you are not familiar. Uphill strip, strong onshore winds much of the time.
  13. There is a waiting list for hangar space at Kyneton. About 65 aircraft on the field.
  14. Recreational includes GA, old C172s and PA28s and VH home builts and many more. All doing fine thanks.
  15. Three Hummock island in Bass Strait is grass with Cape Barron geese to avoid. Not difficult but an interesting strip and location.
  16. My mother's saying was meant that no matter what good deed she had done, someone would find cause to criticise. Sorry I was obscure. I thought the announcement was good news and was surprised that a negative slant could be put on it.
  17. As my mother used to say - if I was an angel flying up to heaven, someone would mistake me for a crow and shoot me.
  18. I did some training in a 100hp Victa at Broken Hill in summer. Underpowered is an understatement, but $11.50 an hour wet was as good as it got.
  19. The classic problem is an RAA reg aircraft which is weight limited but would have a higher legal weight in GA. You are about to cross Bass Strait. Do you limit your fuel load to the RAA amount, or do you fill to the technical safe limit of the aircraft? Obviously the latter is the responsible decision. You will be legal about one hour into the flight once the excess fuel has burned off. If you then have an incident on arrival, can insurance be refused because you must have departed overweight?
  20. My lap belt gets tighter every year. Must be a safety feature.
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