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  1. "I don't care if it rains or freezes, long as I've got my plastic Jesus..."
  2. Supposed to be capable of 18 hours endurance but at 75mph and took an hour to climb to 10,000 feet. Designed to defend England from Zeppelins, it was a failure.
  3. You could put it in a trailer or on the roof rack of the competitor's EV.
  4. Thinks... must have been a fixed gear aircraft that was expected to spend a lot of time over water. Post war, so slow heavy lifter? Hmmm
  5. With my similar problem the SWR meter showed a soldering short in the antenna connector.
  6. I can't find Kasper's detachable undercarriage.
  7. With no maintenance history can they ever be registered with CASA or are you buying a collection of parts?
  8. What is true of flying in England is equally true, mutatis mutandis, of flying in Australia. (Had to get some legal Latin mumbo jumbo in here)
  9. No! The correct quote is SIC TRANSIT GLORIA MUNDI. It was a telegram to Gloria telling her that the Ford Van had broken down and he would not be there until after the weekend.
  10. My wife got a TIF in a helicopter a few years ago.
  11. I have seen a plane which retracts its gear into the fuselage. On leg goes forward, the other back. Racking my brains! it must be either a jet fighter (to maintain profile) or very light (to maintain CoG). I hope someone solves this soon!
  12. THis is a good example of excess float due to excessive speed due to a dodgy ASI. Start at 18.00 if you don't want to enjoy the whole thing.
  13. With every one of those incidents, my first reaction would be to consider giving up flying. Then I would just decide to never do that thing again.
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