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    The Jodel D.11 is a French two-seat monoplane designed and developed by Société Avions Jodel.

    General Information

    The first example flew on 4 April 1950. Of conventional tailwheel configuration, the D11 featured a fixed, spatted undercarriage, and accommodated pilot and passenger side-by-side. The wing panels outboard of the landing gear struts had a marked dihedral. Various powerplants were installed, typically Salmson 9, Continental O-170 or Continental O-200. The aircraft uses all-wood construction with a single piece box-spar.


    D.11s were licence-built by a number of manufacturers in Europe and elsewhere, including Wassmer, Aero-Difusión, and Falconar Avia. Many examples were also home-built with plans provided by Falconar.


    More than 3,000 examples have been built and flown. Many Jodels have been built in Australia and flown with VH- registrations, but a number have been reregistered with RAAus.


    For dtails of the numerous variants, click here.


    Specifications below are for the D.117 with Continental C90-14F engine variant.



    Jodel D-11 ZK-DJQ.jpg

    Jodel D-11 ZK-EDG.jpg

    Jodel D-11 ZK-EER.jpg

    Jodel D-11 ZK-EJN.jpg

    Jodel D-11 ZK-RSB.jpg


    Crew: 1 Capacity: 1 passenger or student pilot
    6.5 m (21 ft 4 in)
    8.22 m (27 ft 0 in)
    2.07 m (6 ft 9 in)
    Wing Area:
    12.7 sq m (137 sq ft)
    Empty Weight:
    345 kg (761 lb)
    Gross weight: 600 kg (1,323 lb)
    Fuel Capacity:
    116 l (30.6 US gal; 25.5 imp gal) in two tanks
    1 × Continental C90-14F 4-cyl. air-cooled horizontally opposed piston engine, 71 kW (95 hp)
    Maximum speed: 207 km/h (129 mph, 112 kn)
    Cruise Speed:
    195 km/h (121 mph, 105 kn)
    Stall Speed:
    50 km/h (31 mph, 27 kn)
    1,170 km (730 mi, 630 nmi) in still air at 1,500 m (4,921 ft) with 30 minutes reserve
    Takeoff Dist.:
    120 m (394 ft)
    Landing Dist.:
    130 m (427 ft)
    Rate of Climb:
    4 m/s (790 ft/min)
    Service Ceiling:
    5,000 m (16,000 ft)

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