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  • Piper PA-28R Cherokee Arrow




    The Piper Arrow is a single engined, low wing, four seat, cabin aircraft with retractable tricycle undercarriage and a constant speed propeller.

    General Information

    While the Arrow might look like a Cherokee and the design is almost identical, it does differ in being a retractable undercarriage four-seater powered by a 180 or 200 hp engine. Sales began slowly in 1967, gaining impetus when the 200 hp version was introduced two years later. In 1969 Piper made available an optional PA-28-200R Cherokee Arrow with a 149kW IO-360-C1C engine.


    The 1976 Arrow II evolved from the original 180 hp model built and introduced in 1967 with a useful load of 1120 lbs. 20 more hp were added in 1969, upping the useful load to 1119 lbs. and the service ceiling by 1700 ft. to a maximum of 17,000. Improvements came year by year with significant changes in 1980 (longer fuselage and wider door), 1977 the new wing with tapered outer sections (as the Arrow II) and in 1979 a T-Tail.


    For details of the various models of the Arrow, click here and here.


    Specifications below are for the PA28R-201 Arrow III


    Piper PA-28R 200


    PiperPA-28RArrowVH-CVZYMAV20150301.JPG_thumb.8d1f4e986988a92517762879d95d6631.JPG PiperPA-28RArrowVH-PVLYBSS20130114.JPG_thumb.ad1f59d038305b74be89e32d032f2cd6.JPG


    Piper PA-28R-201 Arrow III




    Piper PA-28RT Turbo Arrow IV


    PiperPA-28RTurboArrowIVN540AG.jpg_thumb.1e789185b0f8ae2a17605ef3ae7ed4f7.jpg PiperPA-28RTurboArrowIVN4330Y.jpg_thumb.7a9eaf9728ae7f5d984fc8c42461cc11.jpg


    27 ft
    35 ft 5 in
    8 ft 3 in
    Wing Area:
    170 sq.ft
    Wing Loading:
    16.2 lb/sq.ft
    Empty Weight:
    1,627 lb
    2,750 lb
    Fuel Capacity:
    Max usable fuel: 72 USG/432 lb
    1 x Lycoming IO-360-C1C6, 200 hp
    Max speed: 152 kt
    Cruise Speed:
    75 % power (2,400 rpm) at 6,500 ft: 143 kt, 65 % pwr at 8,000 ft: 131 kt
    Stall Speed:
    clean: 60 kt, flaps dn: 55 kt
    @ economy cruise (45-min res): 860 nm
    Rate of Climb:
    Max ROC @ SL: 831 fpm, Max ROC @ 8,000 ft: 480 fpm
    Service Ceiling:
    17,000 ft (5,200 m)

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