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  • Hi Doug,
    Sue Wiggett here (Wigg's wife) just wondering how your new a/c design is coming along the last I seen was the small demo one you put on the forum ages ago. I am really interested to see/ hear what stage it is up to now, I hope I am not being to nosy am just really interested in how it is progressing? Regards Sue
    Hideho Doug,
    No I hadn't heard from you. This is the first Email I have received from you. If you do not get a reply from me again please try sending a Email to either flames1000c@hotmail.com ( I have had this one since I was 15) or hgsutton@hotmail.co.nz (I created this one to put on my cv.. It just looks better) I'll send this email as a reply and as a new message. So I'm sorry in advance if there are two emails in your in box because of me:loopy:.

    I wish you the best.
    Google Ligeti Stratos............stats are awesome.
    Leigh, and yes, I did witness the prototype!
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