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  • Good morning Vev, Our Qld. based Ercoupe is for sale 24-7986 a 1946. 415C ser. No. 727. Believe you are a coupe enthusiast. Before we advertise it,have you come across any one that may be looking for one as it is important to us that it goes to someone that will appreciate the type and its history.
    Do you have any pics of your Rotax Jabiru? My mate has a 912 for sale and I am looking at installing it in a Jab.
    Hi Vev
    I saw on you profile that you have a Ercoupe 415C. Could you PM me as I have some questions I would like to ask you about it
    Or if you could email me at that yould be better
    Hi Vev, yes, it was good to meet you at Temora, and see your lovely Ercoupe up close! Must catch up at Tyabb some time.
    Hi Vev, would love a flight but please NO PRESSURE! Say go away or whatever & that is fine by me, no worries - I am willing to try & assist with costs if that helps.
    Not too sure re privacy here, the PM post seems to be lost/hidden or I can't find it, so please contact me on Love to meet you
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