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  1. ShaneA

    503 582 Rotax Tacho

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi There Looking for a tacho for a 503 582 Rotax engine for a project Plane I have just got running have all other Gauges except Tacho just Thought someone might have one sitting around gathering dust ???? willing to pay fair price for a fair unit Thanks in Advance Shane A


  2. ShaneA

    Part 149

    must have good battery if its getting out to here
  3. ShaneA

    Part 149

    Hi all, I'm pretty new to this so this may be silly question However what is exactly meant by Surveillance activities of members of the organisations in Part 149 https://www.casa.gov.au/standard-page/key-proposals-development-part-149
  4. I have a MK 3 with the Robins engine excellent Fabrics and motor I got running about a yr or so back Cpl points of interest I have no idea of engine hours although engine is still nice and tight with new rings and a thorough going over all the wires and king posts and hardware are all stored together it has floats which have seen better days and its on golf cart wheels so it has the mags Hahahaha I have put a little bigger wheel barrow wheels on since but haven't taxied her for a while now here's a Cpl pics of her assembled
  5. I have Found what Ive been looking for thanks anyways
  6. HI All just wondering if anyone has or knows where I can find online a Xair Standard Airframe Maintenance schedule I used to be able to find one online however I run Microsoft edge now and its proving very elusive im just so frustrated and trying to find a contact number for Micheal Coates is even Harder Thanks in advance for any help with this in advance Shane A Crapped off Xair owner
  7. ShaneA

    X Air Running costs

    wings need to be removed with a friend so no damage is done and once you do it a couple times it takes about 20 mins to get off and 40 to get back on control cables connected and checked don't forget that once the wings are removed when they go back on before flight the correct sense and full and free movement needs to be checked and signed off in maintenance log by another Raaus pilot member Xair owner of 810 rego 19-3788
  8. ShaneA

    Mission North Next Winter

    which Plane you Taking ?????
  9. ShaneA

    X-Air Standard Performance?

    Robinsm and Paul G do the pitch blocks supplied by bolly fit the Brolga Props or do I need to buy an entirely new Bolly Prop to change the Blade angle ???? New Xair Standard Owner