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  1. I think with an RPL you’ll also need CTA, CTR and Flight Radio endorsements.
  2. I suspect your mate is right. I got my RPC in 23 hours, then another 6 or so for RPL. You'd have to be getting the RAAus aircraft a fair bit cheaper to warrant the muck around IMO. Unless you can find a dual school.
  3. I flew in briefly on Saturday morning in a C152. I enjoyed it, though sadly had to head home sooner than I'd have liked before the cold front affected my home base beyond what I'd be comfortable with. I thought that the event was good, everyone seemed in a good mood, plenty of planes to look at. Taxied past a nosewheel-less Cheetah I think on arrival.
  4. I have about 50 hours in a 20,000+ hour PA28 used pretty much exclusively for training it'e entire life. Am I lucky to be alive? Or is this a beat up?
  5. Go find a GA instructor and do a flight review. You'll also have to do 2 hours under the hood. In total it took me 5.7 hours.
  6. Took me 37 mins to get to 9,500 ft at just under MTOW on a 25° day once ?
  7. I gave it a go, clearance was declined. Got through BCG and CFS no problem though.
  8. Hello ATCers, If I wanted to depart YCAB direct YBNA at A055 or A075 how would I go about it? Type is C182. I was thinking: put in a flight plan, contact BN Centre on the ground at YCAB to request an Airways Clearance/SSR code, depart YCAB, contact BN ACD once airborne and follow their instructions from there. I assume I would get handed back to Centre and then on to Coolangatta at some point. Is this the correct way to go about it? Assuming a clearance was forthcoming, can any BN controllers comment/speculate on where I would be likely to get sent? IE would it be quicker than going coastal after getting vectored around or holding for a while? Cheers, Tom
  9. Yoke was a loooonngg way back in that turn. Stall warning whistling away I think. An unfortunate situation for all involved.
  10. Good suggestion, there's one next to YMDG as well. Why the C182 specifically? Less bumpy in turbulence or she'll like the big six cylinder burble? Yep even I concur with that. What are Franco's vids?
  11. I completed my PPL flight test last Friday, completing the transition from my non nav-endorsed RPC. Some stats from the very beginning in August 2017 when I embarked on the journey at 0 hours: 67.8 hours 24 go arounds 50 full stops 95 touch and gos 28.9 hours XC 14.2 hours PIC $16,854 including $276.50 landing fees To be honest, I really enjoyed my flight training, I got on really well with all of my instructors along the way which helps it to be a fun experience and not "more training". We did some cool things, took some neat photos, made some mistakes together and learnt a heck of a lot. I've flown the following types along the way J160, J170, C140, PA28, Victa 115, and C172 and I think flying differing types has broadened my experience and reduced complacency. The Jabs are definitely more difficult to fly than the GA planes; the Victa is the sweetest Overall I'd say the standards are similar between the two RA and GA schools that I flew with, obviously the GA school is pretty strict on CTA and CTR, radio calls etc. Now that I'm a PPL my plan is to use it as a license to learn, and to see some more of the countryside from the air. Also I plan to do my MPPC endorsement to fly the C182 soonish. I'd also like to convince my wife to come up with me, any tips there? https://s3.amazonaws.com/mfbimages/logbook/images/flights/6226622/2018090801550878-185206_.jpg[/img] https://s3.amazonaws.com/mfbimages/logbook/images/flights/4920707/2017112420294324-3726260_.jpg[/img] https://s3.amazonaws.com/mfbimages/logbook/images/flights/4918735/2017112401000482-6602851_.jpg[/img] https://s3.amazonaws.com/mfbimages/logbook/images/flights/6292514/2018092121550367-8609463_.jpg[/img] https://s3.amazonaws.com/mfbimages/logbook/images/flights/6194711/2018090203214950-1949232_.jpg[/img] https://s3.amazonaws.com/mfbimages/logbook/images/flights/6067308/2018080520290945-1713013_.jpg[/img]
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