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  1. RossK

    12 Hr update

    Nav Endorsement passed on Sauturday:thumb up:. Was a challenging flight, spent the day dodging rain showers, scudding under clouds and going around hills to avoid high terrain and low clouds. Was pretty hard to stay on track, had to do numerous 1 in 60's, a PFL, prec search, and a diversion whilst trying to recover track after dodging another rain squall. By far my most challenging Nav to date. Where to from here - not sure, I really enjoyed the solo Navs, so just looking forward to flying without feeling like I'm being examined all the time. I will give a plug to my instructor, Matt at YLIL, always encouraging and adapting lessons to challenge me on whatever I was struggling with. Cheers Ross
  2. Pilot Practice Exams RA-Aus RPL PPL CPL
  3. RossK

    Pilot licence

    From where you are, Tyabb and Tooradin are pretty close and have good rates. Minimum for RAA is 15hrs dual and 5hrs Solo, but budget for 20hrs dual and 10hrs solo
  4. Any suggestions on where to do a tail wheel endorsement? I'm currently doing my Nav Endo out of YLIL and they don't have a RAA tail dragger. I'd like to avoid Moorabbin due to the CTA and all that entails. Easiest places would be Tooradin or Coldstream, but I'm open to suggestions. Thanks, Ross (Yes, I've been watching too many Trent Palmer and Cory Robin videos)
  5. RossK

    Flyin Competitions/Games

    I think you have to avoid "organising" it. I understand if you organise a fly-in you have to comply with CASA's regs. So if you just happened to meet up somewhere on public land that you're allowed to land on and had some fun, well then.... I think it needs to be public land to avoid liability for the land owner etc.
  6. Wedgetailed Eagle - Natural enemy of the UAV Wedge-tailed eagles winning war of the skies against drones Wedge-tailed eagles and drones competing for airspace in the workplace
  7. If you have a look on Google Maps of the location, she didn't have many options - airfield is surrounded by suburbia and tiger country. Only other option was the beach but she probably wouldn't have made it. To top it all off, have a look at the street view and where she put it down. Managed to get it stopped in about 240m before a T-intersection Great flying!
  8. RossK

    More Space Junk.

    Sending Ford Exploders into space would be considered an act of hostility, could start an interstellar war.
  9. RossK

    Running Cost for Jabiru

    ^ Much like boats, my other hobby.
  10. RossK

    Running Cost for Jabiru

    So reading through this, fixed cost for rego, insurance and hanger costs are going to be around $100/wk for someone close to a city. Hourly costs are typically $50-60/hr. So unless you're doing 2 hours a week minimum, hiring a J160 or similar for $120-140 is a better option.
  11. RossK

    12 Hr update

    Ok, so that means I have to fly more, I think I can do that
  12. RossK

    12 Hr update

    Yes very much aware of that still, after the flight the CFI does a debrief, to discuss what you did well and what he'd like you to keep aware of, and keep working on. Need to work on getting the nose wheel off the ground earlier during the take off roll and keeping it up longer during the landing roll - and a couple of other minor things, forgot to turn carby heat off on one landing, use cadence braking for short field landings etc. I was very happy with the PFL though, seemed to have all the time in the world, got all my checks done, mayday call, passenger brief, hit my high key and low key spots and the approach was spot on and did my go around at 550ft AGL. Both my instructors hammered it into me that the CFI will give an automatic fail for messing up the PFL, no do overs, one shot at it only.
  13. If you want some maritime history - Port and starboard terminology originate from where the steering oar was placed. As most people are right handed, the steering oar (or board) was on the right side, Steerboard - right. Boats were then docked on the left side so as to not damage the steerboard, which meant the left side was the port side.
  14. RossK

    12 Hr update

    Flying a Jab 160. 18 hrs to date, back into upper air training - steep turns, advanced stalls, Engine failures etc. I'm having trouble getting the J160 to stall with flaps out - It puts it's nose up, the stall warning buzzes and the nose seems to just stay there, whilst we lose altitude, so more work to do there. Wing drops, climbing stalls, full power stalls I'm OK with. Who would of thought that getting a plane to stall from straight and level could be hard. Instructor says that I just have to be more aggressive with it. Passed my Radio and Area exams though.