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  1. Im making them out of high density closed cell foam called corecell foam , bloody expensive stuff , but light and very strong.
  2. Wow, i also own and fly a trike , have flown in some rubbish air but nothing like you just explained !!! Scary stuff !
  3. Fantastic answer Frank .
  4. Thanks for the input callahan , I would be very interested to know what type of weather the drifter can handle with a capable pilot at the controls ? Merry Christmas.
  5. Thank you Frank , i hope to take you up on that offer one day !
  6. Thanks Frank, Do you still instruct ? As im looking for someone to teach me !
  7. Beautiful bird Gregory! Love that camoflauge pattern! You'll be invisible! LOL.
  8. Beautiful bird Gregory! Love that camoflauge pattern! You'll be invisible! LOL.
  9. Cheers kasper, That makes a lot of sence.
  10. Now thats the kind of answer i like, straight to the point, cheers Nev.
  11. Hi all , Being a new drifter owner and as yet not ever having flown in one ! Ive heared on this forum that the Drifter is like having a tail dragger that is not really a tail dragger ?? Would anyone care to explain more about this to me please , Thanks .
  12. Cheers Andrew, I very much appreciate that .
  13. Cheers Andrew, Is it best to have the tail wheel attatched to the rudder , as ive had people tell me to just let it " free wheel" ? It was a free wheel system when i bought it !
  14. A before and after photo of the new tail wheel set up compared to what it was like before !
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