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  1. Jack Ferguson

    Hunter Valley Incident 4/3/19

    Engine Failure straight after T/O, pilot did a good job to get it down. Apparently he was an RPL student doing solo circuits
  2. G'day everyone. Just wondering if anyone knows or has a RAAUS aircraft for private hire in the hunter valley either Maitland or Cessnock. Thanks Jack Ferguson 0439 889 861
  3. Jack Ferguson

    2010 Xair Hanuman

    Time Left: 23 days and 6 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    - Built in 2010 - Jabiru 2200 with upgraded Hydraulic Lifters - Less than 100 hours on Engine and Airframe - 80 litre fuel capacity buring 11 Litres per hour - 600kg MTOW - 76 knot cruise 90 knot max - MGL LCD screen, GPS and Xcom Radio - STOL capability’s - Very presentable well looked after aircraft Contact Jack Ferguson at KG aviation Sales Australia Phone: 0439 889 861 Email : [email protected]

    35,000.00 AUD

    Polkolbin , NSW

  4. Hi Guys. I have a 2010 built Xair Hanumna for sale. - The airplane has a Jabiru 2200 with upgraded Hydraulic Lifters. - 80 Litre fuel compacity - Buring a 11 litres per hour! - 600Kg MTOW - 76 knot cruise and 90 knot max - This airplane has a unique MGL LCD screen display, GPS and Xcom radio. - This airplane is a very well looked after and presentable airplane. - Short takeoff and Landing capability aswell All yours for $35,000 How about this for a awesome Christmas present? Phone: 0439 889 861 Email: [email protected]
  5. Was there all 3 days and loved it, I would call it s success, lots of people are giving the organizers crap because some things didn't go well. Everyone is learning, Cant wait until next year!
  6. Jack Ferguson

    Single Seat Commuter

    Yeah thanks mate. Know someone who has a Single seat thruster with Only 30 hours since new, so might have a look into that
  7. Jack Ferguson

    Single Seat Commuter

    Even someones prodject that they never finished could be good, give me something to do
  8. Jack Ferguson

    Single Seat Commuter

    Yeah thats the thing. probably about 5K
  9. Jack Ferguson

    Single Seat Commuter

    Would be good if they can get off a bumpy grass strip
  10. Jack Ferguson

    Single Seat Commuter

    Yeah thats right Nev. Ive got a big shed that the plane can sleep in.
  11. Jack Ferguson

    Single Seat Commuter

    Also to mention, It would be proffered if it had wings fold capability
  12. Jack Ferguson

    Single Seat Commuter

    Hi Nev. Yeah thats the thing, I can't drive until I'm 17 and I'm nearly 15 and get my license then. I would also need it to fly to other airfields around.
  13. Jack Ferguson

    Single Seat Commuter

    Hi, Any ideas for a single seat aircraft to fly from home farm to Local airport 10NM away?? Looking for a half done kit or similar. Cheers Jack
  14. Jack Ferguson

    After a Kit

    Belite is to expensive, Ive looked into it. After something cheaper.
  15. Jack Ferguson

    Holbrook Easter Fly-in

    Had a awesome time at Holbrook. I will definitely be there next year. I can't wait until next year. Cheers Fergo