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  1. Hi Azhar, I to have fallen for this trap. I've built now several of those Pi ADS-B receivers. There is NO SOFTWARE "out there" for the Pi4. You have to sell that Pi4 off, and buy a Pi3B+ - this is the ONLY one the software works on. It's a different boot process for the Pi4 than the Pi3. Sorry dude, but at least you now have an answer. Regardless, here is your link for the download: http://stratux.me/#download
  2. Andrew AIRSIDE ELECTRICAL 17 Nyrang Circuit Woodcroft Adelaide South Australia 5162 Tel +61 435365646
  3. Yea, IF your happy to pay Ozrunways for their Premium subscription, otherwise AVPlan give your ADSB-B Traffic over the internet.
  4. Peter @ Yarrawonga Flight Training all has the grades of that wire in stock.
  5. The wings are both 80mm wide, not just 8m but I couldn't figure out how to edit the listing.
  6. Richard Budge

    Richard Budge

  7. Yes, I agree, I've always found it not only difficult to read, but just as awkward to put oil in. I found that by inserting the stick so that it's just resting on the thread, you should see just a little knob of oil at the bottom of the stick, but do it several times to be sure. It's a real pain in the ass. One day while flying I noticed the oil pressure well down into the yellow arc, and I was concerned enough to put the a/c down immediately, just to find it was well low on oil, and yet less than an hours' flight ago, I "thought" the engine had plenty of oil. Generally a poor design and a well known problem.
  8. Firstly let me say that I've been a Pilot for 20+ years so I'm no newbie. Plus, I'm an Automotive Electrician and I own an electronics repair shop. I bought a brand new MicroAir from a local Victorian Aviation supplier. I have a Jabiru SK55 which had an ICOM Flip/Flop IA-C200 which worked total fine, i.e. no strange noises or anything. After fitting an alternative dash panel I removed the under dash ICOM and install the new MicroAir into the dash panel. I just re-used all the original aircraft wiring, soldering up all connections. I had done some basic testing on my bench first, and the radio seemed OK, but in the aircraft it was crap. When you press transmit you get this dreadful like feedback noise in the headset which is louder on some frequencies than others - again, the ICOM didn't have these problems. I asked my supplier about it, who referred me back to his contact at MicroAir, QLD. He told me the reason he doesn't want to supply MicroAir was because of their terrible service and after sales support. Well, he was certainly correct. I choice to contact them via email so I could explain my issues and send pics etc. Normally when you send email an email to addresses such as [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] they get directed to the correct person and you then speak to direct by phone or email. This has been an ongoing saga for me for months with them. You cannot talk to a tech, only the reception person can talk to a tech and relay your message to the tech and then maybe a week or more later they might respond back through the receptionist. At first they wouldn't even help me until I told them the serial number and firmware version indicating they must have known problems with some firmware versions otherwise it wouldn't be important. You NEVER get to see anyone's name on email, even though I asked many times for direct contact, you just get ignored. Eventually, after months they advised it might need suppressors (which they don't sell) but instead they refer you onto JayCar electronics to buy car radio suppressors or cable Ferrites or both. In the end I made a recording of the different transmitted sounds on each frequency like 118.0 119.0 120.0 etc and sent it to them. Again, no meaningful or timely response from them. I told them I was flying this weekend and that when I returned to base I'd remove the radio and send it to them. I get this reply in my email this morning. Absolutely outrageous and contrary to consumer law. The item is brand new. Thank you for your email. Our technicians have recommended that you send it in to be assessed. We are currently the only authorised repairer for your product. To return your unit, please carefully follow the return instructions on our website under http://www.microair.com.au/ Support > Warranty Support . We will notify you on receipt of your Transceiver and send you a quotation when the unit is assessed. Please note, our Assessment Fee is $140.00 AUD ex GST, Labour is also charged out at $140.00 AUD ex GST Parts start at $15.00 AUD ex GST and Return postage of your radio within Australia is $19.00 AUD ex GST. Your RMA number will be issued when your unit arrives into our Building.
  9. I have a Jabiru with 2200 engine. I have read some negative stuff about the engine but from my experience, it's a brilliant engine, and never gives me one moment of trouble. I DO change the oil every 25 hours and re-torque the heads and gap the valves clearance just to be sure. I changed the plugs every 50 hours or if I'm jus for any reason. These are a rock solid engine from my experience. Buy with confidence.
  10. I just tried it now, seems to be OK. I guess they fixed it.
  11. I recently got mine repaired is RUSSIA, yes Russia. They advertise on eBay - flat rate US$95.00 - I pulled the circuit out of mine, and posted it off in a padded bag. Took about three weeks all up. They communicated with me along he way, and when asked they gave me a fault report - the $95 includes return postage. Richard.
  12. Yea, the external buttons are tiny and they are supplied with the clock as part of the purchase price. I have a special tool that I purchased which has two sides. One side punches out a perfect 3 1/8" and the other side punches out the 2 1/4" holes, plus I have a template for the mount screw holes. I'd be happy to punch out an aluminium piece for you if you want from some 1.8mm plate.
  13. That's fine and all if you have the space for another 2 1/4" hole, and you have the ability to cut a perfect hole cuz that's not as easy as it sounds. Also, those clocks are US$ 160.00 on Aircraft Spruce USA, plus shipping. I usually just use one of these smaller rectangular clocks, which also double as both a Voltmeter and OAT. Less than A$10 delivered ex China. I usually buy two at a time in case of failure - for the money, why wouldn't you. Below are the details, and the buying link. Car Electric Clock Vehicle Digital Timer Luminous LED Clock Thermometer Voltmeter LED Display Digital Clock Blue Green Red Light-in Volt Meters from Automobiles & Motorcycles on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group Description: Length: 40.2mm, width = 12.8mm, thick = 14mm Display color: Blue, Green, Red Display mode: 1. display time only 2. display temperature only 3. display only voltage 4. time temperature voltage alternating display (Note: under alternate display mode, through dd option to choose whether to display the temperature or voltage, dd:0 displays time + temperature + voltage. dd:1 displays time + voltage. dd:2 displays time + temperature) Features: 1. Set the time, temperature, voltage, three functions in one 2. manual error correction function with a temperature setting range -5 Celsius ~ 5 Celsius 3. With backup battery, power-down time to continue to go 4. 24hours Electrical Characteristics: 1. Input voltage 7 ~ 20V. Note that when using as a voltmeter, the input voltage is at least more than 7V. 2. Voltmeter range 7 ~ 20V, error ± 0.1V, the measured voltage is the input voltage. 3. Temperature measurement ranges from -50 to 130 Celsius 4. Working current is about 30MA.
  14. Hi Richard, aircraft is looking good, it was built by my Son at Gawler in South Australia. Alan.
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