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  1. Same place as the fabric 20kg one. Behind the seats, however the upgrade adds an external door on the left which provides access to an aluminium ‘U’ section.
  2. Yeah not a lot of room for error on the 480 leg - i only hold 90L and where to do go as a Plan B? Most of my flying buddies here get nervous going across Cook Straight
  3. Hi. How easy is it to obtain a full RA-Aus licence if I am the holder of an Advanced National licence in NZ? Has anyone done this?
  4. I can confirm the longer delivery times. Mine looks like closer to 9 months until it arrives here in April. Was a bit disappointed with this as I got quoted 6 months at the outside when I ordered as well. That said, it'll be worth the wait for a factory built, very tidy and flexible STOL aircraft. I have flown in Sav's and they are good, but I think the edge is in the factory finish, a little nicer in the detail and amazing space and visibility. As an aside, I'm optioning my 22-LS with the side door and aluminium luggage compartment - 30kg with easy access vs. trying to stuff a bag behind the seats in the Sav, without much success is also a big plus in my view.
  5. Awaiting my shiny red Foxbat...
  6. Awaiting my shiny red Foxbat...
  7. Happy to join you from New Zealand
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