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    DC3 restoration series

    That'd be VH-ABR "Kanana" which was out and about today with a return trip to Bendigo. An original DC-3 (not C-47 conversion) with a pair of Wright Cyclones. One of the stars of the Lilydale airshow recently. Interestingly, based at Tullamarine YMML, not YMEN.
  2. And it's the 50th Anniversary! Lilydale Air Show
  3. GraemeK

    Lilydale airshow is on again

    Some fantastic shots from Duncan Fenn - especially the Decathlon! https://www.facebook.com/pg/drfphoto/photos/?tab=albums
  4. GraemeK

    Lilydale airshow is on again

    All good - weather turned out OK. Will post a few pics when I sort them.
  5. GraemeK

    Lilydale airshow is on again

    Looking forward to seeing the Auster at LIL!
  6. GraemeK

    Lilydale airshow is on again

    Airfield looking great, lots of activity setting up, some incredible acrobatic practice in the Decathlon - should be a great day tomorrow!
  7. GraemeK

    Lilydale airshow is on again

    Yep Peter, I was going to take up Kaz's solution of prayer, but I think if I tried that I might just be struck down by bolts of lightning ... See what happens, tomorrow is briefing day and if all turns out OK I'll have some fun marshalling aircraft on Sunday.
  8. GraemeK

    Lilydale airshow is on again

    Release of the 50th Anniversary Air Show Line-up... Formation of ex-Singapore Airforce S2111 jet trainers A 4-ship "Yak Attack" Formation (lots of noise!) For the first time ever in public, the RAAF showing off two BRAND NEW Pilatus PC21s. These are one of the world's fastest turbo prop aircraft, whistling through at approx 360 knots and making a really satisfying sound! A giant, 1000hp Air attack water bomber which will demonstrate what happens when you drop 3 TONNES of water in one go! One of the world's oldest Douglas DC3s (VH-ABR), only recently flying again after a 9 year rebuild An ex CIA Vietnam War T28D Trojan Just back from China, the AOPA Freedom To Fly Airshow team Yak 55, DH107, Laser and Pitts S1T A top level aerobatic display by Paul Andronicou, in his brand new Extra 330SC The Screaming Diamonds aerobatic team flying souped up Pitts S1s Robinson R42 Cadet Helicopter handling display Tiger Moth formations, Gliders, L5 Stinsons, Silver Shark RVs, the Five Stooges
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    Affirm? Or Roger...

    For Oz, the AIP is the definitive document. And AIP GEN 3.4-25 gives it as AFFIRM.
  10. GraemeK

    Lilydale airshow is on again

    Follow the blog, here: https://lilydaleairshow.wordpress.com/blog/ Pilatus PC21's and DC-3 confirmed. Next Sunday.
  11. GraemeK

    Changes to Port Phillip Bay VFR lane

    or someone with the old VTC, where eastbound was 1500ft. What was CASA thinking?
  12. GraemeK

    Changes to Port Phillip Bay VFR lane

    Fixed! (Ian, I know this is as copied from the RAAus email - but they should know better!)
  13. My thoughts entirely - chuck it out the window and follow it down to get on the ground as quickly as possible!
  14. GraemeK

    Plane Spotters

    We used to have a viewing deck at Melbourne (apart from watching planes it was a good place to have a fag!) - and then they closed it down, I think in a panic after 9/11.
  15. One of the best books on aerodynamics I have come across is See How it Flies. The analyses of airflow over a wing are very detailed and sometimes get into some complex formulae - but the basics are fairly easy to grasp with the aid of clear "wind tunnel" diagrams.
  16. GraemeK

    Pax certification?

    ... as long as the engine isn't running, that is.
  17. GraemeK

    Pax certification?

    Part 61 lists the requirements for a person to taxi an aircraft - and pax are not included.
  18. Fate is the Hunter, I think ...
  19. GraemeK

    Found this on the net!!!

    Taken at YSSY 6 Nov 2010.
  20. GraemeK

    Vacuum Gauge

    Isn't that what your MAP gauge reads? But instead of vacuum, it reads out in absolute pressure?
  21. GraemeK

    Silly aviation pictures.

    One of my all times favourites was a sign on a light pole in New Jersey which said "Bill Posters Will Be Violated". Conjured up some pretty unpleasant images of what might happen back at the station!
  22. GraemeK

    Why no Radio Calls?

    "Radio" is an endorsement on the RPC.
  23. GraemeK

    Tech Manager

    Yenn - email received from RAAus few days ago.
  24. GraemeK

    Flying in Australia

    60% of the total 10,866 piston or turboprop aircraft (excluding motor gliders and rotorcraft) were manufactured in 1980 or earlier. For just piston, the figure rises to 64%.