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  1. Love to fly

    Changes to Port Phillip Bay VFR lane

    Interesting the number of traffic alerts being given out for this area yesterday. ATC must love it not. Altona, Williamstown, BOM Tower featured regularly.
  2. Love to fly

    Lakes Entrance Airstrip

    Bairnsdale (YBNS) may be an option if they have a car. I used to live half way between Bairnsdale and Lakes. Generally flew into Bairnsdale. They have fuel, no landing fees, big runways, not sure about casual hangarage though. Perhaps the family can combine picking you up with a visit to Paynesville and Raymond Island. Depending on the kids ages spotting koalas on the island is usually entertaining for awhile.
  3. Love to fly

    100 hourly and the yearly inspection

    Great flight home from Narromine. And if I was happy with coffee in the front of an RV that would probably have been his experience :) He had to settle for bottled water till we got back. Apparently I aimed for bugs all the way home and severely depleted the local environment of all little things that fly .. leading edges are definitely not sparkling white at the moment .. but kind of patterned with black and reddish splotches. So the valet duties await.
  4. Love to fly

    100 hourly and the yearly inspection

    Aw but I always rely blindly on what you tell me ... :)
  5. Love to fly

    Narromine AusFly 2018

    Photos from Facebook. No credit to me! In the background of the one you can see the plane camping area. More plane parking was on the left out of sight. And the display aircraft were parked along the apron right around to the SAAA hangar.
  6. Love to fly

    Narromine AusFly 2018

    Link doesn't work and they were scheduled for the morning
  7. Love to fly

    Narromine AusFly 2018

    We were told when we arrived for their seminar that they had been held up in Sydney. They were definitely there later that day.
  8. Love to fly

    Narromine AusFly 2018

    Think we might have chatted outside the Glider Club.
  9. Love to fly

    Narromine AusFly 2018

    We were lucky with the weather as we flew in on the Tuesday to help with the preparation. Great flight down from Lightning Ridge. Then flew home to Moorabbin yesterday. Apart from a strong headwind it was perfect conditions. Saturday morning the weather was lousy, but it came good in time for the flying displays.
  10. Love to fly

    Narromine AusFly 2018

    Definitely some Pitts! They looked great in the SAAA hangar overnight. Loads of RV's. Many others. We counted 164 planes well before everyone had flown in. Never got around to doing a final count, but it would have been much higher as heaps came in on Thursday afternoon and Friday.
  11. Love to fly

    Narromine AusFly 2018

    Home from AusFly. What a fantastic few days. Caught up with old friends and made new ones. Met some of you for the first time. Loads of planes, loads of people, and think everyone had a great time. Went to a couple of seminars. Well setup, none of the problems with noisy generators etc that made it hard last year. No high fences. I'll definitely be there again next year.
  12. Love to fly

    Narromine AusFly 2018

    Tickets for “Dinner Under the Stars” with Matt Hall have SOLD OUT, the tarmac social dinner on Saturday night. For those that have missed out on a ticket, the opportunity to receive the same meal will be available from Narromine Gliding Club (seated area), not on the tarmac.
  13. Love to fly

    Narromine AusFly 2018

    Narromine Aeroclub just shared the NOTAM information below. Worth noting if you're planning on flying via Dubbo. Important info for pilots to be aware of upcoming NOTAM for Dubbo area. As you know the Royal Visit to Dubbo will take place on Wednesday the 17th of October. Please note there is a NOTAM in place stating the Dubbo Aerodrome is closed except for RPT and Emergency Medical Services from 0700 – 1130am on Wednesday the 17th October 2018. This event also brings unprecedented security. There will be no access to GA area, unless authorised. Please ensure that your Hanger doors remain closed, specifically Landside. This information was provided by the Dubbo Aerodrome operations manager.
  14. Love to fly

    Narromine AusFly 2018

    Think Tshirt with Love to Fly might do it.
  15. Love to fly

    Narromine AusFly 2018