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  1. Umm totally unrelated post .. but a group of us are flying into Gawler for the Cup Day weekend. Arriving Friday and departing Tuesday. Please say Hi if you're about. I'll be in the RV. 🙂
  2. We had a ball. Counted over 220 planes and they were still arriving. Really friendly, fun event. Alsoots of informative presentations.
  3. Sorry. I was posting photos on AusFly all weekend. Tried to get Stuart's photos up yesterday. Was doing it at the Dinner on a mobile phone, as otherwise it would ha e had to wait till I got home this afternoon. And it would have taken hours to caption them all. Started putting them up 1 at a time then put them in in groups.
  4. Well over 200 planes flew in. Fantastic weekend. Presentations were well attended. And loads of photos at https://www.facebook.com/2019ausfly/ Sorry they aren't captioned. And don't think there are any/many duplicates. I put them up whilst at the Dinner last night and it would have taken hours to caption them all.
  5. Was the question specific to carby icing? If noy then I don't think the carbie venturi pressure is the first cause of icing that comes to mind.
  6. Thanks. I don't look after the website but will let them know. Enjoy the birthday party.
  7. There's usually some at the pub in Narromine. And think AOPA will be running a shuttle from Dubbo - might be worth giving them a call.
  8. Hopefully see/meet some of you there. The sponsors and exhibitors coming look great. Display pilots also. http://www.ausfly.com.au
  9. These guys https://www.pilotpracticeexams.com/ and their associated Facebook site are good. Lots of practise questions and heaps of discussion on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ppexams/
  10. Registration is well and truly open! Last year the Dinner sold out. It was an awesome night with Matt Hall as speaker. Don't leave it too late to book for this year.
  11. Listening to the audio between the aircraft and the tower he clearly states its his first lesson.
  12. Umm so seriously. There is a landing fee, a taxi fee and a parking fee?? What value is the landing fee if it doesn't include access to the taxiway?
  13. Sorry. Chapter 21 of the SAAA. We meet at Moorabbin Airport.
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