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  1. I'm confused ... often ... JBR is an RV-14A. So a MTOW of about 930kgs. Not sure how an increase to 650kgs or 750kgs would have any impact on the safety of this model?
  2. I didn't read the Airventure post as RAAus organising the raffle. Just that Airventure expected them to bail them out. But I didn't have a raffle ticket, didn't go to Airventure and know nothing about the trust.
  3. No need to google for me. I've been to Tibet and heard about these. The Tibetan Buddhists have a very different outlook on life and death. The monks also create butter sculptures using ashes of the deceased and yak butter. Google will tell you more but this is what was done with Kurt Cobain's remains.
  4. I fly, as do many of my friends. The Australian Woman Pilot Association is very active. But sometimes the posts/comments on this forum mean I stop coming back for awhile. At times it can get very blokey.
  5. Another option to a device such as RVAC uses is to have the ashes 'decanted' into a paper bag or two with the top folded over, not tied or taped. When you drop the paper bag out the storm window it opens on the way down. This works well and avoids ashes all over the cabin.
  6. Hmm Truth. Banned?? No. You still show on the list of members. Muted (can't post for short period of time) perhaps.
  7. Not sure how this would have worked in this instance. The event wasn't cancelled. I think the site was evacuated for a few hours only.
  8. No, I'm not. But that has nothing to do with thinking its a good result that someone is in ICU.
  9. Good result? Regardless of anything else that seems a tad harsh. The man is seriously injured and in ICU. Not something I would wish on anyone.
  10. Umm totally unrelated post .. but a group of us are flying into Gawler for the Cup Day weekend. Arriving Friday and departing Tuesday. Please say Hi if you're about. I'll be in the RV. 🙂
  11. We had a ball. Counted over 220 planes and they were still arriving. Really friendly, fun event. Alsoots of informative presentations.
  12. Sorry. I was posting photos on AusFly all weekend. Tried to get Stuart's photos up yesterday. Was doing it at the Dinner on a mobile phone, as otherwise it would ha e had to wait till I got home this afternoon. And it would have taken hours to caption them all. Started putting them up 1 at a time then put them in in groups.
  13. Well over 200 planes flew in. Fantastic weekend. Presentations were well attended. And loads of photos at https://www.facebook.com/2019ausfly/ Sorry they aren't captioned. And don't think there are any/many duplicates. I put them up whilst at the Dinner last night and it would have taken hours to caption them all.
  14. Was the question specific to carby icing? If noy then I don't think the carbie venturi pressure is the first cause of icing that comes to mind.
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