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  1. Hi, really sorry to hear about the problem with the Em.. If you wish, I'd suggest you come join a Yahoo group called Emerauders which is all about the Piel designed planes. We have members all over the world and this would be your best shot. Yahoo! Groups should point you somewhere in the right direction... We have restricted membership to keep out spammers however I am one of the group mods. On a brighter note I believe that occasionally this has happened before and that spar may be reparable, it may not. I sincerely hope it is. The plans spar is a one piece unit box structure approximately 30 feet long. There is a 3 piece modified spar design put out by Falconar of Canada and this is a fairly common unit although to tell the truth, I don't have any idea how you would dismount the ribs from the existing box spar and false rear. The L/G attachment has always been an issue and I expect there are some work arounds... For plans..If you're in N. America these may be purchased from the daughter of Gene Littner (she monitors the Em group but I cannot recall her name) from Montreal, Quebec Canada. If you are outside N America I have no idea what to tell you. all the best, ///Gene Cockrell
  2. I have used a couple Becker AR 4201 com radios in two different planes over the years and these things are pretty sweet. They mount to a panel hole instead of in a tray and need about 7" behind the panel. Their sensitivity and transmit power seem to be a league better than any comparable COM I have ever tried. They have a monaural 2 place intercom ability if you choose to enable it and a voltmeter and OAT (with the optional sensor) capability as well. The downside is that they are a bit of a pain to program and to get the squelch set right and they are a little pricey however you can probably get by with one of these in lieu of using 2 COMs if you're not going IFR
  3. I have a buddy in Killeen who has a 582 and I think he uses the Amsoil 2 stroke injection oil..The injection setup is operative and hasn't been disabled.
  4. Hi Bexr, Glad you like, it's a great plane to fly..If anyone has one or is considering one, I can always be prevailed on to offer advice, may not be worth 2 cents but its free... . I don't know about build logs per se, they are pretty boring reads. I generally am the guy who goes over the plane and gets things straightened out mechanical wise so it will fly again, I did a Vari early this year that had been hangared for 25 years and didn't fly during that time....Demonstrated it for a buyer yesterday and I really didn't want to land.. it was so sweet... In any case, from talking to and knowing several builders over the years, you sometimes learn a couple things.. IMHO the most time consuming construction is wooden truss structure (I used to have a Super Diamant- this is a big Emeraude- which I sold as a project for way too cheap and then sent to Australia about 3 years ago) followed by metal monocoque then by metal truss followed by moldless composite.. Wood planes seem to take about 10 years to get built, rag and tube less than that and RVs Sonexes, etc are done a lot of time in 4-5 years.. Of course there is the difference between kit build - the US has a 51% rule where the builder has to finish out 51% of the aircraft- and plans built.. A couple of Varis that I know of (one builder is deceased though) were built in a 3 year time frame back in the early 80s. I think the Long is about the same in construction time provided one purchases the metal fittings and the engine mount...One local Aussie is just about finishing a FG Velocity and I think he has 5 or 6 years in it... This is a kitbuilt 4 place canard with 260 hp and is quite a plane... One comment I have heard from multiple people and I know to be true about working with epoxy and glass is that the workflow goes in discreet steps due to the epoxy work and cure times and you are basically forced into these steps and that this tends to speed things along during construction...
  5. As for a long time building, I have no idea. I'm not a builder but from what I have seen and heard these are pretty easily put together...I did run a search on forum history and saw some uninformed, may I say clueless comments about the Variezes. Is this characteristic of this group? ///Gene Cockrell
  6. Hi all, thought I'd join the site and have a look around... I'm Gene Cockrell from Killeen, Texas in the US. I have a good flying Vari Eze and have several hundred hours in type. Fairly interested in a variety of aircraft. Hope to learn more here.
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