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  1. Yes it would be zero......on here, out there in the real world however would be somewhat different! Doesn't matter what is put in place for rules & regs some will always abuse it!!
  2. Too old to fly, take up bird watching:oh yeah:
  3. What would fighting him prove? He's obviously not making or in this case made a responsible decision but fighting him would also be irresponsible.
  4. True but it's called fight of flight when any human is faced with shock, in this case the latter!!
  5. Personally I cant see QF getting this sausage factory up and running, QF have a lot of issues behind the scenes other than very few pilots from GA coming up thru the ranks! Interesting times ahead for the Red Rat!!
  6. That was posted here pages ago, there will be more councils wanting to jump on the band wagon for sure!
  7. Never said it would. You didn't answer my question re what yr GA commercial background is as I've not met a single pilot in the industry that says anything other than its stuffed at the grass roots level.
  8. Excellent detective work thereMost in the GA industry know that GA is stuffed, CASA and a few other factors like you mentioned are responsible for the decline!
  9. Nea Nearly bought his place last year, flew in to take a peek at the place. Nice guy, can talk the leg off a rocking chair Didn't buy it (yr lucky I was gunna clear out all the kites in there) due too many grey area's from a council point of view, think it's still on the market now.
  10. The Red Rat love this sort of thing, it's cunning tactics, lots of councils will be falling over themselves to hand out free public funds to have them operate there!!
  11. Is that Jims strip you are talking about Nth of Benalla?
  12. "..........am I the only person without a mobile phone?..... "....... YEP!
  13. GA alive and well? 40 yrs of driving planes for me mostly commercially, trust me GA is finished as we know it!!
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