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  1. Look up liquid intelligence seal rejuvenation. I added to my gearbox, as main seal weeping. 5 hours of ground runs and taxiing...all stopped now. Dropped the oil, replaced and safe tied and good as gold! Not cheap at $90 something, though I added to other engines I have at home to stop another leak too. Beats having to tear down and replace
  2. The airfoil type is an approved mod, if installed correctly. TOSG has details on approved mods.
  3. There is 13 T300 Thrusters where I live, 3 of the 4 912 thrusters are in my region too. There only one left somewhere in the world, as was exported a while ago. Great little machines, fun and cheap and if you learn to fly them, there won't be much you can't fly. So I have been told
  4. Wade air has airfoil strut kits, not sure on singles though. Calm aluminium sells T6061 tube if need plain tubing.
  5. Look for a JASO FD OR FC rated oil. The testing to comply with jaso standard is refreshed regularly enough with many brands to choose from.
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