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  1. Ah such is life! Oh well, I guess I'll have to fork out for a model 3 then. I thought it would be something like that. Thanks anyway.
  2. Hi I have a new raspberry pi 4 with the digital receiver etc but I can't find the installation package to download for the ADS-B. Can anyone point me to the link? I found one stratux but it doesn't boot up on a raspberry pi 4. Cheers, Azhar
  3. AzharFly


  4. Hi Quick question, can an RA 19 registered plane be converted over to VH? This would be a plane using factory plans, approved engine such as Rotax 912 or Jabiru? The reason why I ask is that there are a number of very capable 19 registered planes that I like but my requirement is to fly into controlled airspace etc.
  5. Hi Rose, Welcome to this forum. The gazelle is a nice gentle plane to fly. I used to fly one from Donnington Airpark. I have a Jabiru and fly a Piper Warrior not far from you. Azhar
  6. I only came to know John a few weeks ago when arranging a BFR in Weightshift. We had a lovely conversation when we found we had a common denominator in that I used to fly a Mainair Flash II Alpha and John flew this same aircraft years ago across the English Channel on several occasions. I was so looking forward to meeting John in January to hear more of his adventures. Rest in Peace and my sincere condolences to his family.
  7. Ah thanks. I'm looking for RA-Aus. I'm set to go to Caboolture but was wondering if there is anyone closer. It's a shame Oak Valley is no more in terms of training.
  8. Hi Does anyone know who may be able to conduct a BFR for weightshift around the Townsville area? Thanks
  9. Hi On another note, the last time I contacted a well known insurance company 'who understands recreational aircraft' said '...they only insure an aircraft which looks like an aircraft' !!!!! Can you believe that? Say no more. Azhar
  10. Wing Washing & Protection Hi I'm wondering what trike pilots use to wash down their microlight wings. It seems the manufacturers warn of anything other than water. Any ideas would be very appreciated. Ammendment...... I forgot to ask... is there any solution that you can use to act as a UV protectant too? Also, what strength napisan do you use? Thanks Azhar
  11. Changing Wings Hi This is getting similar to a thread which I started a few months ago http://www.recreationalflying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1620 You would probably have to re-register your trike as a single seater only as it is no longer standard manufacturer design if you change a wing. I think the Streak wing has a greater surface area and needs a lot more grunt to keep it in level flight. Can't believe how slow the Wizard wing is... 39kt. I have a Flash 2a wing and it cruises along at 45kt hands off and with easy bar-in it can do 53kt or more. This is with a rotax 462 at 8 litres per hour! Regards, Azhar
  12. Hi Does anyone have a circuit diagram for a simple electric carb heat setup? Regards, Azhar
  13. Trike bar Hi, Just wondering which 'bar' fell onto the battery terminals? This happened when no-one was present right? Azhar
  14. Jetman Wow, I've seen a jet hang-glider but this beats them all. Well worth a look. Azhar
  15. Electrical probs Thanks MicGrace, The water temp gauge flickering was solely due to a very poor magneto to engine earthing point. I had a look at the electrical carb heat and the wiring is a *** mess under all the plastic heat shielding. I'm going to rip it out and restore it back to standard wiring without battery. Just one question, with the 2 phase (4 wires) coming out from the magneto, are both coils joined together in parallel which then feed the rectifier/regulator? And one very last question, how on earth does the water temp gauge get a reading from the AC side of the magneto? The tacho I can understand but I thought water temp gauges need probes like the EGT and CGT does. Regards, Azhar
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