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  1. I am going again for the 2nd time the last time was just a general day pass this time family bought me a Gold Pass for just Saturday , looking forward to it . Mark
  2. I was on the Manly Ferry about 11am heading to Manly for the day , I carry binoculars and watching most things on the trip , well a sea plane was flying over the ferry towards Rose Bay in a southerly direction for a landing he would have been not much more than a few hundred feet when did a steep bank to port into the wind and washed a lot of altitude I actually thought he was to crash he managed to level the wings moments before touch down . There was no obstacles near his LZ and I actually thought what a hero he was doing something stupid like that I cant say that it was the same pilot that crashed a few days later with lives lost very sad
  3. I just joined this Site a lot of interesting information , I am flying an Aerochute and loving it , I am a late starter in flying at the age 49 I started to learn to fly a Flexiwing microlight after acquiring my pilot cert I bought a Nanolight had that for a few years then to a Redback Airborne Microlight for another 4 years and decided to get something more to suit my lifestyle and went for a Aerochute and flying it still now , easy to transport easy to set up an takes a passenger I go bush often and it always comes with me on the back of my ute. Markl