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  1. Thanks for all your replies. "Try landing on a Wombat trail" would be a good sales pitch for the Trail :-). Phil, according to G-INFO there are 20 Trails registered in the UK, most of which have the Sauer engine (VW origin). There is one for sale on Afors at the moment. The CH750 looks interesting too. In the next couple of weeks I am going to take a look at a kit built Savannah, which is in its test flying stage. End of June the plan is to go and visit Groppo Aviazione in Italy. Surprisingly my wife agreed to sacrifice a day off the family holiday at Lake Garda to drive to Mezzana Bigli. How about the Slepcev Storch? I thought it had been discontinued, but their website looks like they are in business. A few of them in Australia I think.
  2. Hi everyone. Looking for user/builder experiences and information on capable bush planes. I currently own a C42 Ikarus, which I fly off a farm strip, but have been looking at building a more bush capable plane from a kit. My focus currently is on the Groppo Trail and ICP Savannah. There seems to be loads of info on the Savannah but the latest post here on the Groppo Trail is about two years old. Anything going on around the Trail or is it slowly dying off? There seem to a be a few flying in the UK but how about Australia? Regards, Peltoman
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