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  1. some great suggestions thank you. Thruster88; the friend was in GA insurance. he passed away from cancer a short while ago. his concerns were based on the high cost of replacement, repairs and the frequency they got damaged. it wasn't a personal dislike, he wasn't a pilot. facthunter: All the planes I have looked into have deicing options, its great to hear you also think i need to look at that capability flying down south. I wasn't sure. KRviator, Downunder: yes, l especially like the Diamond offerings although I am concerned about the Chinese by-out. I have seen so many businesses ruined by US and Chinese takeovers. Particularly loss of quality. If i wasn't so freaked out by the operating expenses and the stupendous price tag i'd get a PC12 or TBM. I think in reality it'll be a low hour DA62 or 42. I am always happy to spend more upfront to avoid high deprecation and operating expenses. its a business purchase although not operating commercially, no paying customers or cargo etc. I am a novice, I am interested in avoiding travelling with the general public not so much the grandeur of aviation. Insurance and fuel will be the killers. I can takeoff and land on tarmac. There are good airfields near both my home bases, the unimproved strips is a wish list item.
  2. Hi there. I am a long time lurker first time poster. I am looking to purchase an aircraft for commuting between my QLD and TAS farming properties. At this stage I will be landing at sealed airports and flying only myself, but I am planning one day to take the family (of 3) with me and land on either property. I am happy to pay more up from to lower operating expenses. I would be keen to hear some suggestions. Note: please don't bother to suggest a Cirrus.... i had a friend in aviation insurance who made me swear never to fly in one.. I am aware of the diamond and tecnam twin piston offerings.
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  4. That is actually great advice. Haven't looked into but will. Cheers.
  5. facthunter/Nev, great information to work with. cheers. I would be looking at modern twins that can hold altitude and remain stable on one engine. although there are so many points going against them. higher acquisition, operating costs, unsuitability for inexperienced pilots, much higher insurance premiums, unsuitability for unimproved airstrips - all make them less appealing than a good single.
  6. Hi, another noob question. I am aware that twin engines are 'generally' considered safer for flying over water. Is there a rule of thumb for how far hours/klm?
  7. Downunder, this a/c will come with a glass cockpit. and yes there is an Australian distributor and dealer. Blacklisting customers generally speaking is a breech of consumer law. If the importation was legal and the a/c for business they would want to play a tight game.
  8. Hi, Noob here. Is it feasible to import aircraft into Australia to avoid the complete madness prices some people are asking for desirable models? There is a huge discrepancy in prices from the US to AU and the exchange rate and ferrying don't make a dent. I can understand importing if there isn't a plane in the model you are seeking, but is there an economic reasoning?
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