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  1. Thank you for the reply, To be honest, I wasn't expecting much for it. I just wanted an idea so I can list it for the right price. Thanks for the information
  2. Hi there guys, I have a Rotax 447 which was for one of my dad's ultralights from back in the day. He claims it has never been used. I've inspected it and it does appear to be new but it is missing the CDI unit and the muffler. The carburettor would require a rebuild as it has been in storage for 30+ years. The engine has an OEM Rotax gearbox also. If I were to run a compression test and the cylinders are good. What would this engine be worth as is? I presume this engine is discontinued as I can find is mainly rebuild kits and spare parts for them only. Any information would be greatly appreciated as I don't know much about aircraft. Thanks guys :)
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