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  1. Yiannis Air


    I just finalize the installation of AP servos
  2. The floats that I will use are at below link. Is Italian product. www.scuolaitalianavolo.it
  3. Good day to all Savanistas Sorry for delay to update you for my project but my free time is so short and is impossible to follow you. For the time been my panel is almost done and I am very happy for the results. Very soon my bird will be at Runway.... I am posting my panel and soon I will add some more photos from my control stick and AP Servo Installation.
  4. Yiannis Air


    Hello sorry for the delay to reply. I was out from home. So . I am in progress I will revert soon with Photos Yiannis
  5. This is common at ICP brakes. The reservoir is on the top of the cylinder. As you can see the diameter there is bigger.
  6. You know I was thinking that we are taken the parameter of operator side. There is another one side. The side of those that was at airfield and saw all the incident from a distains of about 2 miles. There was also a big drama until to inform them that everything was OK. We dived behind a hill and they didn't see if the chute extended on time. After so many years are coming at my mind lot of stores, some of them are funny some other are very sad.
  7. Dear Marty If you been in Greece be sure that we will have lot of fun :):):):):):) And some times we must trust the women, they have more brain than us But sometimes....xaxaxaxaxa Yiannis
  8. Dear Kyle. Since then the locking pin is attached at starting key...... I was thinking also for decent rate. I believe that during deploy is a very very short period that the speed is near to zero due to deceleration. In regard the money sorry my friends but the lives and families doesn't have price. Yes in Germany is mandatory but here in Greece I believe I have convince almost all to install chutes and to be mandatory. Unfortunately since 2003 we had two accident and we lost 4 lives. Both of the aircraft was with chutes but the didn't used. At one of the case I am 100% sure that with chutes deploy now both of them it would be with us. For that reason I added to my story. Is not only to have it but to use it.... Yiannis
  9. So I have to say a lot about but I will story only the incident and some advises after my experience. Was the first test flight of new build Savannah back at 2003. We went at improper airfield because the Aircraft was unregister. At that time Greece was without any regulation in regard the ULM. We went something like pirates.... After two and a half hour of up and down with several friends as pax we did the last one with my good friend Kosta. He is also PPL pilot but at that time was no more than a year that he get his PPL. We went at downwind leg turned to right base leg with about 30 digress. Suddenly I lost the feeling of elevator control. I moved the stick fwd and aft without any respond of the Savy. The only that happens was to dive vertically. Latter I will explain the reason. In parallel I say to kosta that I have lost the control. He told me "MH LES MAAAAAALAKIES" is like "don't say <mod censored>" but with total broken voice. Instinctively he push the throttle at full power but the only that happen was the surface to coming faster at our face. At that time it came to my mind that I have parachute. ITOOK OUT THE LOCKING PIN and I activate it. I was so sure that nothing gone happen and for that reason I left the locking pin on place. So many mistakes together that day..... So. The first that I remember is the very loud boom in my ears and the cabin full of smoke. I had installed the BRS canister in the cabin at luggage area. The installation was my idea because that time ICP didn't had any info in regard parachute installation. Immediately after I remember the rocket noise and the aircraft started to slow down. At the beginning was slow but after a sec we started to feel the real deceleration (g) and instead to watched in front of us the surface to coming we saw the blue sky. Immediately after the Savy stopped and started to dive now with till. After that we feel the most soft touch down ever. I turn my head to Kostas and both of us started to laugh. He told me we just loose one of our 7 lives... I shut off the fuels, we open the doors and was seated next to aircraft. After couple of minutes come the first persona that was near and I believe that even and now he don't believe that me and Kostas went at this aircraft..... We started to dive from about 500 ft. we trigger the parachute at about 350 to 400 ft the we landed at hill about 80 ft from sea level. The sea from area that we touched down is about 200 meter away. I am 100% sure that the BRS can extend and stop you even if you are at 300ft. The time? All the story was no more than 8 sec. I believe that was everything on the limit and the good God watching us...... The problem. I forgot to lock the castle nut with locking pin that is bolting the stick with elevator push rod that passing under the seats. During the moving fwd and aft of the stick the pushing rod stack at down position at small recess ( I am not sure if the word is correct). After that ICP create a bulletin that mentioned this recess must be remove. At my new Savannah S still exist but the pushing rod has different design. Nobody saw the unlocked nut because of the biggest mistake we did that day. The mistake was that at first flight we did a big party and we lost our concentration to the proper inspection. The damage at aircraft was minor. We change the front wheel and the skin at rear fuselage. The aircraft it still fly and fly real good. My advice is. ALL of you that you have read this install a Parachute on your aircraft. We are so enthusiastic with that we are doing and we are losing the sense of risk that we are taking. Thanks to my Wife to my Father (he passed away couple of year ago and was present during the incident) and friends that the puss me to add a parachute before my first flight. I am here with you because of them..... I WAS SO FUKING WRONG. P.S. The point is. Not only to install the chute but also to train your brain to use it. In our case in Greece the surface is sea water or mountains. At both cases if you have a chute just use it. If you have time find a nice place and just extend the chute. The damage will be less. We lost some friends in Greece because the try to save the aircraft and they didn't use it. Unfortunately at the end they lost also their lives. Our case if I remember correct is the 17X at BRS survivors.......
  10. During order of chute normally the maker asking you if you like the rocket to be attached or separate from container. We had similar case here in Greece. I will find out what they did and I will revert.
  11. As per BRS 6 years for repack and 12 for rocket replace. The technique is at packing. Maybe you can find rocket at local market or if not exist create one. This is just an idea because the biggest problem is the transportation of the rocket. Here in Europe the rockets, are transporters only by Tracks (if my info are correct) In additional the Europian brant chute :):):) have longer repack rocket life is same. And for fun at my translation "chute" is someone that throw flour to somewhere......
  12. What is the difference between CHUTE and PARACHUTE, just for my knowledge.
  13. I can send them to all of you. The parachute save lives
  14. It is not for BRS, It is for Junkers 500 but all the Soft Packs system are same. If you order a Parachute you must mentioned that the rocket must be separate from soft pack. The manuals are at Italian but are lot of photos and easy you can understand how can be installed. The manuals are original from ICP and are for Savannah S. Marty yes I can send you.
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