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  1. Neil_S

    Built up areas

    I also take "built-up areas" to be the areas marked in yellow on the charts (VTC, VNC, WAC). Easy to plan to navigate round them, and then easy to confirm that you are not over them whilst flying using AVPlan/Ozrunways etc Cheers, Neil
  2. Neil_S

    Gazelle Key Wanted

    Hi Peter, When I (part)owned a Gazelle and wanted a spare key I just made one myself. It is very easy to copy the shape of the forked one from a piece of scrap metal. Cheers, Neil
  3. Neil_S

    Bravery indeed!

    Yes - he is the museum curator. The original is stuck out of normal public view in a storage facility. Criminal IMO. I saw it on an open day. Surely it is worth permanent public display somewhere? Neil
  4. Neil_S

    Bravery indeed!

    Yes, I have also flown over the Duigan monument. It was shown to me while on a BFR a number of years ago. I would also recommend reading "A Flying Life" by David Crotty, which details the life of John Duigan and his aeroplane. Cheers, Neil
  5. Neil_S

    Bravery indeed!

    Hi Geoff, I now realize I must also drive past this monument fairly regularly as I drive up Plumpton Road and join the Calder to the north on my drive to Penfield, which is where I fly from! Now I know where it is I shall make a small diversion and stop to have a look at it. Thanks for that info. Cheers, Neil
  6. Neil_S

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    I used to work at Heathrow for 10+ years, and every morning at 10.45, regardless of where you were, everyone would stop and watch the New York Concorde take off. A sight that never failed to impress with its beauty, and noise! I was lucky enough to fly on Concorde once (at a much reduced price for BA employees) - brilliant! So smooth and graceful. It was a very sad day when they stopped flying. Neil
  7. Neil_S

    How a propeller does it.

    Excellent videos! Thanks for posting, OME. Cheers, Neil
  8. Neil_S

    Lilydale airshow is on again

    A few pictures from the ones I took..... Cheers, Neil
  9. Neil_S

    S series adjustable seats

    Hi, I also have the adjustable seats in my Sav S, and find them great. I am a short*rse at 5'4" so I have mine full forward and still have a cushion, but most of my passengers have the seat full back. Didn't fit them myself as it's factory built. You need to have the central Y control stick, of course, and the manual flap lever is right in front of the seat. All good. Cheers, Neil
  10. Neil_S

    Sideslipping again. . .

    In my recent BFR in my Savannah we put the flaps up and sideslipped reaching a max descent rate approaching 1500 ft/min. A very effective way of losing height rapidly. Cheers, Neil
  11. Neil_S

    Rotax 912

    Hi Skippy, Thanks for your reply - very interesting. The book figure for the Savvy S at that rpm (5000) is actually 18.5 litres/hour....., so my figure of 15 litres/hour looked pretty reasonable to me. My experience of other 912ULS powered LSAs (I learnt to fly in a Texan), was similar, so your figures look amazing to me. I'd be interested to hear what other pilots running 912ULS powered planes get.... Cheers, Neil
  12. Neil_S

    Rotax 912

    Hi Rod, I have a ULS in my Savvy S, and I have got about 15 litres/hr over the 3 years or so that I have been flying her (about 260 hours). I cruise around 4800-5000 revs. That is mostly solo flying, and I weigh around 70kg, which may have contributed, but I still reckon that's not bad...... Cheers, Neil
  13. Neil_S


    Welcome, Grothy! Where do you fly from? BTW - Good choice of aeroplane...... Cheers, Neil
  14. Neil_S

    Where to begin...

    Hi Flyadventure, Good to hear you are going well with your flying. Just something to note - I used to own a Gazelle and they are great aeroplanes, the only real drawback is their limited endurance. They have about 52 litres usable fuel, so assuming 5000 revs cruise that will give you around 3.25 hours plus the now-mandatory 30 mins reserve. So probably not the best plane for long cross country exploring. Probably better would be the Zenith, Bushcat or Savannah with long-range tanks. But it is early days yet! Enjoy your training, learn as much as you can, and then maybe try a few different planes before making any purchasing decisions. There are loads of different factors involved in making that buy/build decision! Cheers, Neil
  15. Neil_S

    Dawn Patrol

    Very enjoyable video. I shall try to go for a flight on Nov 11th here, remembering how privileged we are to fly, and the sacrifice of all those young men. Neil