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  1. Hi Eightyknots, FYI - when I picked up my Savvy S we flew it from Archerfield in QLD to Penfield in VIC, stopping overnight in Narromine. That's a trip of roughly 750+ nm. That's the longest trip I have done, but have flown plenty of 3-4 hour trips round VIC or to NSW since. I have found it very comfortable over such distances. Lumpy, turbulent weather does, of course, make for discomfort, but that's going to be the case with any LSA. My hangar-mate flew his Savvy XL to Alice and back recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. Cheers, Neil
  2. Hi, Although an issue with quite a few LSA type planes, just remember that the Savvy has a low wing loading, so flying out of places like Alice means in hot weather you will get bumped around a lot. Even in southern Victoria I get bumped around a lot in Spring/Summer weather here when a bit gusty and warming up. I try to be back on the ground by 10.30/11.00 in the morning. The Savvy is roughly 50 kg/sq m or 10 lb/sq ft wing loading....don't know about the Foxbat, I'm afraid. Cheers, Neil
  3. In fact (n)oodles of advice, and more than won ton of information! ?
  4. Congrats on losing all that weight! I weigh less than 60kg and am 5ft 4in, so I guess that's why I haven't had an issue! I like your new bracket - but as mine's a factory-built I couldn't really modify. Do you know of people using electric flaps on the Sav? Cheers, Neil
  5. Crap! Lots of building, masses of roadworks.....
  6. Which may be why I, as a small European, have had no problem with it in nearly 400 hours flying in my Savvy! ?
  7. Yes - I have it. I really enjoyed it. Cheers, Neil
  8. Hi Ian, Loaded quickly for me, and looks good IMO! Cheers, Neil
  9. Hi Toppee, Port Campbell is helicopters only, but I have recently landed at Peterborough, which is only slightly further up the coast and a bit nearer to Timboon anyway. Landing fee is $15 and needs to be paid in advance. It is managed by 12 Apostles Helicopters from Port Campbell (they have it as an alternate in case of bad weather). Call 03 5598 8283 for info, (or [email protected]) HTH Neil
  10. Hi Peter, As you are in Mallacoota I have just realized a friend of mine with an A22 Foxbat lives in your neck of the woods (near Deddick Valley) . He flies from his own property there (quite a challenging strip!). If you like I can open a conversation with you to give you his email. I am sure he would be happy to share his experience of the Foxbat with you. In addition I hope to get to either/both Parkes (AirVenture) or Narromine (Ausfly), so if you get to these we can meet up for a chat re the Savvy. I also expect Pete Gillespie, the Savannah dealer (based at Bendigo), will be at both of these. Cheers, Neil
  11. Hi Peter, Yes - I have been flying a Savannah S for the past 4 years and am very happy with it. I'm afraid I haven't flown either a Foxbat or a Zenith, so cannot really comment on these. The features of the Savvy that drew me to it were the STOL capability, and the long range tanks (over 8 hours + reserve). I am getting 13-15 litres/hour with a TAS of around 90knots. So it suits my purpose and is not too hard on the pocket. I also liked the S as it made the fuselage shape rounder and less agricultural. In addition it had the adjustable seats (good for someone vertically challenged like myself, while still accommodating taller passengers). The price was also more reasonable compared to others with similar capability. HTH Cheers, Neil
  12. Hi Peter, The ICP website has this info. You will need to select English as the language each time, but no big deal. Link below :- https://www.icpaviazione.it/?page_id=254&lang=en Cheers, Neil
  13. Hi Tracey, Welcome to the forums here, and nice to have another lady on board! Good luck with your trial flight - and be prepared for it to get you hooked and going for a pilot certificate! Cheers, Neil
  14. Yeah - I can't remember if my memory's failing or not....
  15. Hi, For Australian WW1 planes you should contact TAVAS (The Australian Vintage Aviation Society) - formed by Andrew Carter. They have a number of WW1 replicas up in Queensland. Google TAVAS, or check their Facebook page for contact details. My Airdrome Airplanes Sopwith Pup replica should be ready in a year or two..... Cheers, Neil
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