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  1. Seems the AD has been cancelled, the aircraft was exposed to aerodynamic loads beyond what it was certified for: http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/docs/33/EASAAD20190177CN.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0SwFFLDaaoL9Ho8aLiHa-xQ451Tti90EERKVcF4CIcvZucErNyOxAMxag
  2. Yeah, on this flight the copilot's seat is empty, though? I read on Umeå skydiving's website that the capacity of SE-MES was 8 divers. IE 9 including pilot. I'm sure this is within certification.
  3. In the crash there were 9 persons on board. Is that normal in a configuration like this where they probably had removed most of the seats for skydivers? The AC is normallly certified for 8 persons.
  4. Looks like Gipps GA8 has been temporarily grounded in Australia and in EASA countries: http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/docs/33/EASAAD20190177E.pdf
  5. If I'm not mistaken, the picture above (or first part of the Herald Sun video) shows the right wing with the stall warning. In the video there is also a smaller wing surface with a flap lying on the ground, that looks similar to a horisontal stabilisator and elevator in size. I could be wrong, though. According to the POH, the stall warning sensor is on the leading edge of the right wing. Could the tail surfaces have broken off from impact of a chute or another object, and the wing have collapsed from secondary forces after loss of control? I guess only the investigation will give us the answer.
  6. Local newspapers are reporting that Australian aviation authorities last fall warned about a (potential?) manufacturing flaw in the wing mounts which could lead to metal fatigue, was there an accident prior to this in Australia? I think we would know if it was a midair collision with anything other than a bird. Not sure of the risks of (huge!) bird strike at that altitude? Also seems like they were at an ground speed of 75-85 kts just before the crash. Which would be close to drop speed? Here's a picture of the part they found in the river close to the crash site:
  7. Flightradar history shows the plane to be at approximately 13400 feet just before the crash at 1205Z (SE-MES), and a fellow pilot airborne in the area at the time reported that the pilot of the accident plane was preparing to drop (as reported on radio). During the press conference yesterday, Swedish accident investigation board confirmed that the plane didn't hit the ground in one piece, but they wouldn't disclose which parts were found at different sites. Pictures of a metal surface hoisted upf from the sea/lake looked big, too big to be only one side of the horisontal stabiliser.
  8. It was a Gipps GA8 for sure. Some are speculating that parts of the wing or the horisontal stabiliser separated from the body, but on the videos it looks like the wings are still attached. Not sure about the hs, which is hard to see. They found one lift producing surface that could be either part of the wing or the horisontal stabiliser (or maybe the vertical stab, but looks more like the horisontal) in the water, some distance from the crash site. The plane dived from around 12000 feet, it was apparently ready for drop.
  9. Laeros


  10. Hi, found this site after googling a bit for Kitfox and Aeroprakt A22 stuff (photo hatch/door to be exact...). I recently fulfilled a lifelong dream of getting a pilot's certificate. Last spring I did my PPL skill test in a C172P, and this fall I learned how to fly ultralights in the form of the A22, a wonderful little plane. At this point I'm getting my ultralight tailwheel endorsement in a Kitfox II and try to get a VFR night endorsement for the ol' Cessna. I also have an interest in photography, and am exploring different possibilities for aerial photography from the Kitfox or A22. Have a nice day, and thanks for maintaining this great site :-) Lars Erik, Norway
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