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  1. Thanks for that advice, I sorted my noise by using a fully screened it leads set all perfectly clear now. Regards rpb
  2. Does anyone know jow to disconnect the generator on the above, I am still getting RF noise and need to see if generator may be the cause. I have tried everything but only limited success.
  3. the spray that I used was purchased from RS supplies in the UK and code is 841AR-aerosol 841AR340G
  4. Rob Here again, re j430 radio noise, I have a new radio 833 which re much more sensitive than the old 25KH, I have replaced the distributer caps, the rotor arms,the ignition leads, screened the leads,screened everything I could, replace coil packs, absolutely no improvement at all. In desperation I covered the entire engine in tin foil as an experiment to contain the interference and it worked, I then remove it and sprayed the entire engine bay with a screening spray and I now have a quiet radio. I could not fix the problem but I have fixed the symptons. I will be happy to share the spray used if anyone is interested.
  5. Hi All, tried most things to eliminate radio noise, I now know that it is RF and proved this by having a hand held radio inside aircraft and could still get interference, I have changed rotor arms Ht leads cleaned distributer but no effect, I am now going to check plug gaps, I then intend to fit a new aerial with better shielded cable, then fit a capacitor to coil packs, if all that fails I will shoot myself, desperate for any help. Rob Brown
  6. Hi my name is Rob and this is my first post and hoping someone can help as I am at my wits end trying to solve this problem. I have a clicking noise on my Trig radio, the remote sender is behind the rear seat, it is rev related and will increase with rpm, I have renewed rotor arms and plug leads, it is much worse on left mag but sometimes will change to both when flying, all wires are screened. I used hand held radio inside the plane and could still hear the noise and so its not wiring to headsets, any help would be much apreciated.
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