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  1. FlyBoy1960


  2. Lots of good information here. https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/incidents/eerie-facebook-post-hours-before-fatal-leigh-creek-plane-crash/news-story/fd6f1a59f21dcc9791e30f34010da2e9
  3. The report mentions a witness seeing a green light. This would have been the navigation lights and they are not visible during daytime so again it sounds like pilot error flying of a night when not allowed.
  4. Why have we been heading in this direction? From the airport banter last Saturday. Because Michael M has become the dealer for CT aircraft and it's been in his/their interests for a long time to massage the rules to suit their personally evolving business direction. The CT NEEDS to be rated at 750 kgs because of its low payload and that's the push on increased MTOW changes. Getting made in China has lifted the empty weight by more than 35 kgs and at 600 MTOW it's really a single seater. I was told other things but i won't mention it here because some was told in confidence but the above is publicly known.
  5. A lot of boat ramps now have launching fees so they will get you somehow !
  6. https://www.gcsfc.org.au/ Where do you want to go to ? Many people going to and from the airfield all day long. Bound to get you to where you want to go.
  7. 3,500 ft ceiling but they always ask for clearance up to 8,000 and get it every time. 8K should be enough but history shows otherwise.
  8. Vortex generators, try to disturb the air flow to remove the laminar flow under the belly. Its (the airflow on the bottom - with contaminants) probably 'sticking' to the plane as it passes along. i have seen this on some other planes a few times.
  9. What the hell does all this crap about looking after cows have to do with this accident ? Really some of you guys need to get some fresh air and stay off the computer !
  10. The site is no longer secure and i get a warning on Chrome
  11. Its not just drugs but FUEL. They sniff the fuel and go crazy.
  12. I would replace the regulator/rectifier. The Jabiru ones have caused lots of problems at my airport with electrical issues when they are under heavy load and lots of demand. They overheat and when the cool down they behave again. Note: This is just a comment from an observer at the local airport. I am not an expert.
  13. The only words i don't want to hear is "Engage - Engage" ?
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