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  1. Why do most gliders have flaperons then, they are operating near the stall all the time and crancked over as well. I say if gliders have them then they must be ok ?
  2. nobody buys back any magazines from newsagents. The newsagents cuts off the barcode which is printed on the cover and staples these together once per month, and the number of barcodes gets reported as unsold magazines. An example would be, newsagents got 10 copies of the magazine. At the end of the month if there were five they would cut off the barcode and keep these and the rest of the magazine goes into the trash for recycling. About three months later once everything been tallied up you would get a check for what has been sold. The newsagents would send a report back online showing how many barcodes they had at the end of the month when the new issue had hit the stands and we needed to keep these barcode records for three months before they were thrown out, that way if there was ever need to audit newsagents the distribution companies could come around to make sure they weren't getting cheated. Most magazines now cost (to produce) more than double the selling price in the newsagents and the only opportunity to make any money is by selling the advertising. This is why magazines are closing at an alarming rate and newsagents following shortly behind. I went into a newsagents the other day to buy a card for Father's Day to give to my son from his newborn daughter and I was surprised that probably only 2% of the whole floor area was taken up by magazines and nearly all of these were women's magazines. All of the specialty magazines for shooting, camping, aviation and everything else were all but gone and then the whole store there was only about 3 m of shelf space allocated to magazines
  3. Saw this before and he doesnt even have seat belts on !
  4. They are already available and have been for 3 years. https://www.galaxysky.cz/multicopters-s71-en this is out of a drone magazine
  5. I was looking at the specifications of this aircraft some time ago and found it did not meet the requirements of the LSA category in the US so this would probably limit its acceptance in Australia I am guessing. Firstly, it went faster than the allowed speed. LSA has a maximum speed limit of 120 kn full power straight and level, they are quoting 150 kn cruise speed. It is built in the experimental category in the US, I would be surprised if any are registered E-LSA any USA because the specs say it is way too fast. The other thing that needs to be looked at is a stall speed and I could not find the stall speed listed anywhere, if it still is too fast in stall speed it can't be in the LSA category. Now, in Australia, with the RA-Aus (provided it fits into their registration categories) it would be registered in the 19 category as an amateur built aircraft, but you would need to prove 51% kit compliance. It could also be registered as an experimental LSA (E-LSA) again if it met the requirements and it would then carry either a 19 (as an experimental amateur built) or E23 or E24 (as an experimental LSA) registration prefix. They are running out of numbers and needed to change to the 23 series. On my investigation it looks like a nice aircraft but there are some very big questions about its acceptance as a 51% kit if you go this way or its acceptance as an experimental LSA aircraft if you choose to go this way. Note: a lot of what I know I am repeating from people who know more than me so I am hoping everything is 100% accurate in my reply to you but I am happy to be corrected
  6. Why would you do this over gravel and all the rocks that can come up with a new prop ? doesn't make sense to me ? Good luck anyway
  7. FlyBoy1960


  8. Lots of good information here. https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/incidents/eerie-facebook-post-hours-before-fatal-leigh-creek-plane-crash/news-story/fd6f1a59f21dcc9791e30f34010da2e9
  9. The report mentions a witness seeing a green light. This would have been the navigation lights and they are not visible during daytime so again it sounds like pilot error flying of a night when not allowed.
  10. Why have we been heading in this direction? From the airport banter last Saturday. Because Michael M has become the dealer for CT aircraft and it's been in his/their interests for a long time to massage the rules to suit their personally evolving business direction. The CT NEEDS to be rated at 750 kgs because of its low payload and that's the push on increased MTOW changes. Getting made in China has lifted the empty weight by more than 35 kgs and at 600 MTOW it's really a single seater. I was told other things but i won't mention it here because some was told in confidence but the above is publicly known.
  11. A lot of boat ramps now have launching fees so they will get you somehow !
  12. https://www.gcsfc.org.au/ Where do you want to go to ? Many people going to and from the airfield all day long. Bound to get you to where you want to go.
  13. 3,500 ft ceiling but they always ask for clearance up to 8,000 and get it every time. 8K should be enough but history shows otherwise.
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