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  1. Peter G

    Peter G

  2. Hey Shane, I have a Bolly carbon prop on mine which has a two piece main hub the blades sandwich between and gives me what ever pitch I want to set it to, the Brolga prop with pitch blocks are probably easier to set as you just buy the block you want. I used a digital pitch meter to set my blades which took time to set right, the pic below is mine one before we bolted it together :) cheers Pete
  3. I was going to say the same thing Geoff :)
  4. yes true about the weather, did you have a wood on yours at first?
  5. it would of been a shame to loose the company, they still have a place in the sky even though most want 100kts carbon $100K+ aircraft :)
  6. My X-Air finished at 259kg empty with headsets, ipad, aera 500 and performance I very happy with, Just finished flying the 25 test hours and happy to have the just received my full rego on 4th. been to wet and windy to push it to fly lately but having a ball :) X country endorsement is my next goal... My version is a little up to the standard weight having the new gloss skins and the mods I made to suit me being a wheelchair pilot, extra wide entry and a center rudder / throttle control etc and flies like a gem... I will post an update soon on a new design wood prop to compare the performance with the bolly on it now My brother filmed me having some fun before all the rain soaked my runway.. Pete
  7. you can also buy a compass knife at places like lincraft etc then cut your own rings with coloured contact I purchased one to use on my X-Air ASI and its easy to cut the outer ring then reduce the compass dia 3mm then cut again.... too easy :) Pete
  8. Nice job, did you paint the wings to match the rest or is it done in stits type? looks great, you fly it much? I have one too that I been restoring.. Pete
  9. would be great to see more pics of ya chinook you have close up :)
  10. Hi Brendon, Maybe Rod Shearer can help you do it, he is based in Bendigo but may be able to inspect it for ya if has can fit it in? he done my inspection and report and if very thorough... he is a busy man but worth a try, his contact is 0419 717 212 cheers Pete
  11. HI Jimmy, I asked the same question to Ra-Aus over xmas as I trained in a Foxbat and just finished building a X-Air standard with 582, I hope my below the dotted line reply clears up your question :) you will only need a 2S endorsing :) Pete -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pete, If you can send in logbook evidence of aircrafts you have flown which are two stroke we will be able to look into endorsing you with 2s, as for LP we no longer endorse as per the Operations Manual. Thank You, The Membership Team Members Database Administrator E: [email protected] W: www.raa.asn.au T: (02) 6280 4700 F: (02) 6280 4775
  12. nice pics Mark :) yes the new Phantom 3 use lightbridge and can link to a Ipad or mobile for the screen.. we should stick one on our Jets and film a high speed flight.... would look sweet as hey
  13. standard as yours is you dont have that function, If you want to take full advantage of it you will need a 5.8ghz video transmitter and a small 7" screen attached to your radio which you can then install a IOSD (On Screen Display) inside the Quad which are awesome.. it tells you the phantom battery voltage, how many sats you have, your height, distance, compass direction and they also have a small dot on the screen that follows the drone and lets you know which side of yourself the quad is eg if your on the left side of you the dot will be on the left of the screen... its really cool and makes the flying so much more fun to have the full data being displayed in the screen :)
  14. I spend lots of time building, repairing, setting up quads hexcopters, helicopters etc which is kind of my thing being a Hobby shop owner :) and you are so right flown carefully they are so much fun. DJI have some really great features to make then safe and easy to fly but to keep the machine working at its best the compass needs to be calibrated before its first flight, if you have a light crash and the big one if you take further that 50km from its last calibration point. I always do mine if taking it a distance to keep the GPS location current and have to date never had a flying issue ever... I have also re set the software to go max height of 120m from its TAKE OFF POINT and 1000m distance that way I dont go above the legal height... Even at 120m up it takes some great pics but I have seen youtube videos of them going up in the clouds which is part why some give them a bad name.... Keep under the 400ft height and 30m away from people and have a awesome time flying ya Phantoms :) Oh if you add gimbals, cameras lights etc also make sure you re balance it level with motors off because if its heavy on one side you will reduce your flight time in GPS mode due to two the motors revving higher all the time to keep the Quad level and they also handle crap flying in manual mode too if not balanced level.. Pete
  15. Hi Matt, yes it sure it a nice set up, I was looking at doing that for ease of use as I'm in a wheelchair and I cant lift 20lt fuel drums let alone the pain in ass job of filling up 3x separate 20lt tanks then driving them in my boot to fuel up my plane.. having the trailer setup for me is easy to full up at the servo then fill my plane same as at a bowser filling my car so for me its so easy.... I hear ya on using a 200lt tank with fuel going off but the club here in bendigo have the same set up with what looks like a 2000lt tank and It gives no issues of fuel going off in the club planes... As long as it has a good fuel filter system its a safe way to carry fuel and fill my wings up.. The semi tanks I was looking at using are about 200lt but it would still be a great setup with a smaller 100lt tank for 1-3 weeks of flying and I guess it depends on how often we have time to fly :) anyway its the setup I will be making for sure, I have the trailer already and just have to sort the Tank, pump, battery and glass filter and its happy days lol I kind of got of the subject question on the rotary pump but reading everyones input I wanted to ask the question for some feedback on the idea and was thinking of a rotary pump instead but settled for the easyer ep pump. for me its to do things easy rather than struggle and spill fuel on myself trying to lift it... haha Pete
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