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  1. A big thanks to the team at Deniliquin AD for the hospitality and hearty continental breakfast on Sunday morning. It was a good turnout with aircraft arriving from all points of the compass. The Wang Bugsmashers (photo) were in attendance and we enjoyed a pleasant flight over and back - although a little bumpy at times (84nm each way). I'd recommend the Sunday breakfast at Deni to all - a bargain at just $10 for the full breakfast. Don't forget the RH circuits on 06 and 12! Cheers Lawrie
  2. While Stevron was poking around to the South East at Benambra on Friday, I joined Geoff and Terry in Geoff's Eurofox (and myself in my Spaviero) to do the short jump from Wangaratta to Mt Beauty. What a magic day it was! Perfect flying conditions and great views of the scenery in our special part of Oz. There are a few options for a good feed at Mt Beauty, however I can recommend the food at the Mt Beauty Community Centre in particular. It's located on the opposite side of the pondage to the airstrip - a pleasurable 10 - 15min walk - providing time to chat about a range of aeronautical topics. Mt Beauty airstrip with the pondage wall in the background Mt Beauty Pondage and Mt Bogong Overhead Mt Bogong Return trip with Bright in the foreground and Porepunkah airstrip at the foot of Mt Buffalo. Punters familiar with the area will spot Mystic Bowl - the popular paragliding site - to the left of the Bright township.
  3. Here's one I made myself recently with built in pivoting ramps and chocks to stop the aircraft rolling off. Works well, but might not suit your situation if you don't have much space to roll the aircraft on. The tail wheel sits on a prefab movers trolley with castors bought for about $20 from Bunnings. I just cut a slot in the craftwood base of the trolley for the tail wheel to sit in.
  4. OK, I wasn't about to be the first past this post without adding my bit! I'd like to reassure the owner that all will be OK but I'm not one to geld the lily. This is a real night-mare scenario. It's bound to cost big bucks to fix. I could try to convince you that I wasn't here just because of the puns, but then I would be guilty of acting under foals pretences! ???
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