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  1. I suspect the organisers conducted this under the provisions regulated by the Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999 (Qld). There is a provision allowing raffles with prizes valued under $50,000 conducted by community associations to be conducted without a permit. Should unhappy purchasers of tickets wish to complain, the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation would be the place to go, although I suspect it would be a pointless exercise that would only hurt people who have given their time to support recreational aviation.
  2. Kiter


  3. We have three main time zones, but several others affecting a relatively small number of people. The difference between Norfolk (eastern most) and Cocos (western most) Islands is 4.5 hours - https://www.timeanddate.com/time/australia/time-zones-background.html
  4. I flew my Brumby over HMAS Otama today, an Oberon class submarine decommissioned in 2000 and parked off Crib Point since 2002. Surprisingly I hadn't noticed it before! It reminded me of my grandfather, who in July 1917 as a Flight Sub-Lieutenant in the Royal Naval Air Service, was involved in bombing an enemy U boat. He was flying a Curtiss Model H12 flying boat, a twin-engine aircraft with a crew of four (pictured). His log book (which I have) reveals he then had around 90 hours flight time. It also reveals he went solo on his 14th flight with only two hours 15 minutes experience, he first flew the Curtiss (twin) with less than five hours total time and he had his first forced landing (carby icing) at around nine hours! Things have changed!
  5. I had a quick look in the Radiocommunications Act, but suspect it is legal to record as it’s not a private conversation, but a broadcast on a radio frequency that can be listened to by anyone in range with a receiver. It will change things if it’s not legal.
  6. Can you ask your solicitor to cite the relevant section of the relevant Act/Regulation on this?
  7. Starting to plan this trip from YTDN for late this month. Does anyone have a contact for the Maree ALA (YMRE)?
  8. I hitched a ride up from MB between Christmas and New Year in 1988. We stayed at the Maree pub...amazing to see all that water. I’m tempted to fly myself up in a month.
  9. Last year I purchased a VH-registered Brumby 600 which is hangered at YTDN. When I am in Melbourne, I fly it once or twice a week, but it's likely I will be away for several months this year, so I am thinking of making the aircraft available for hire. I am hesitant about making it available for training (although haven't ruled that out), and have no idea of the tips and traps of doing this, so I'm hoping the Recreational flying brains trust may have some advice.
  10. I’m a happy OzRunways user and their recent email to users promoted integrating an ADS-B receiver. I’d be interested in anyone’s experience with this...effectiveness etc.
  11. I did 3 hours in a trike and it was fun, but not for me.
  12. Hi...you kindly responded to my call for aircraft purchase suggestions and recommended the Jabiru 230. I see you have one, and also a Zenith 601...the Zenith was suggested to me and I am aware of one for sale...can I get your comments comparing the two aircraft? Adam
  13. Thanks for the responses so far...I am not a DIY person, so I'm looking for something that is flyable. I'm aware that owning a aircraft isn't cheap!
  14. Hi all, After a few years off, I returned to flying last year and now I’m retired, I’m looking to buy something that doesn’t break the bank too much. I’m PPL, and also a RAAus member as I got a Powered Parachute certificate (great fun, but limited application). I expect to fly VFR daytime and am happy avoiding controlled airspace. I’d consider a PA-28, but I’m also open to a two-seater, so LSA might be the go...I want to be able to cruise at at least 110 knots for around four hours with a carrying capacity (excluding fuel) of 180kg, so that’s likely to rule a few out. I have no interest in aerobatics! I went for a spin in a RV7A & loved it, but may be a bit pricy...I could probably talk the accountant into spending $70k. Looking forward to suggestions.
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