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  1. Skykeith

    Bushcat LSA by SkyReach

    I've been flying my Bushcat for nearly 2 years. Never had any issues with CG or with stall recovery. I have installed the VG's and they did lower the stall speeds about 5 mph. As far as the issue of the restricted CG envelope.: That is causing some operational issues. Because the envelope has been drastically reduced, I must fly with approx. 380 lbs in the passenger seats and only a max of 15 gallons of fuel. The MTOW is back to 1320 lbs but the CG issue is still being resolved by SkyReach.
  2. Skykeith

    Bushcat LSA by SkyReach

    I too have installed the Vg's on my taildragger. Your numbers are right on. I only have the wing Vg's as SB'd by the manufacture.
  3. Skykeith

    Bushcat LSA by SkyReach

    I'm an owner of Bushcat CH178C, N7553 in Florida, USA