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  1. O F.  Thanks mate for that report,  Those figure you have supplied are a bit confusing to me. Could you elaborate there.  Our CHT is J or K  ( cant remember but it is correct) and are all in C.  Pistons  1 and 3 well over 200 C in climb. They just below 200 c in cruise.  I think that the ram air ducts need more deflectors as your has.  Paul R.

    1. old fart

      old fart

      Hi,  All figures are C.  I had high figures with wrong probe types.   Suggest you check probe is reading near 100 in just boiled water.  

      One other thing is the air getting out Ok.  Have you got the lip on the lower cowl to create the low pressure area?  Is there a good seal round the oil cooler so no waste air entering the engine bay?  All air in should be either in through the two nostrils or via the cooler.  


  2. 155 sounds where we should be. From the get go the EGT were a problem also being too high, they have now settled within tolerance, CHT's are obviously well over same. Our next move is back to Bundy. Is your club aircraft a Gen 4, 2200 and if so has it exhibited similar problems.
  3. Thruster. Heading their way shortly, trying to get an idea re others. Paul R.
  4. We had a new Jabiru Gen 4 2200 engine fitted to out J170 C along with CHT and EGT new AGL gauges, I have just completed the run in period on the aircraft , we have now gone to standard W100 Plus Aero shell oil. The aircraft flys well but consistently shows high temps on 1 and 3 cylinders. In climb both reach over well 200 degrees Celsius. Also in cruise 1 and 3 are at 202 C and 192 C respectively. Cylinders 2 and 4 hover around 165/173 respectively. Ram air ducts and fitted correctly and I am now running on Avgas 100. I am seeking information from any other Jabiru Gen 4 2200 engines owners who may be experiencing similar issues. Ambient temp for all these flights has been 10 to 12 deg.
  5. Hi. New to the site and aviation, from the Sunshine Coast QLD Aust., flying Jabiru 170, low hours as yet and just starting cross country. Trained on Sky Arrow at Gympie.
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