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  1. ctdaily1

    Hello from Whidbey Island USA

    Thanks for the welcome Yenn...That Deception Pass is really something...
  2. ctdaily1

    Hello from Whidbey Island USA

    Thanks Alan...I'll keep my eye out for your build
  3. ctdaily1

    aeromomentum aircraft engines?

    And here is another interesting presentation...I am seriously considering putting one of their engines in a Just Aircraft SuperSTOL XL
  4. I am new here so wanted to put up a post... I am an "old Guy" who flew helicopters in Vietnam... I have Commercial Helicopter...Single Engine Land...Sport Pilot Powered Parachute ratings I am in the early stages of putting together a build of a Just Aircraft SuperSTOL XL and am trying to figure out which engine I am going with... I think it is going to be an Aeromomentum but I am still working on the plan... Thanks for the great Forum Charles
  5. ctdaily1

    aeromomentum aircraft engines?

    Here is a really great presentation to an EAA chapter about their engines...