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  1. Just out of interest, for a ASI, VSI or Altimeter instruments displays, would you guys prefer a digital number or a needle display
  2. Getting back to the subject of "How long until RAA get a weight increase approved?" If CASA approves the increase, RA Aus then will have a problem of what Rego Numbers to issue! As RA Aus is currently running out of Rego Numbers, and I believe they are currently re-issuing old expired numbers!
  3. So much for a Members organisation (RA Aus), run by the Members for the benefit of the Members!
  4. Has the CEO got Board Approval to give access to Members details?? If so, with current Board's approach to managing the organisation, in which case there does not appear to be a clear runway ahead for Members to make a good landing!
  5. Fuel Taxes are collected by the Federal Government and are supposed to be shared back to Airport Owners/Operators to help in maintaining their Airports.
  6. As mentioned above, through paying my taxes I helped to pay for our airport. Under the ALOP program the airport was gifted to the Local Council. We pay rent to the Hangar owner, who pays Rates to the Council! But we do not see any return to the Airport Owner (Council) from the Fuel Taxes on Avgas we purchase on the airport.
  7. Sorry,you miss my point,we have already paid.
  8. Just for interest,where does all the GST,Fuel Levies and Fuel Excise on Avgas get spent.I submit that we pay our way.
  9. The Board are not interested in listening to the Members views and when challenged tell a convenient truth. Member access to RA Aus Member Services, has now been restricted to Monday, |Wednesday & Friday (3 days a week), down from 4.5 days a week,who was consulted? Members need to raise a vote of no confidence in the CEO. Other staff who are followers of the CEO, including the people manager ie the smooth talker that tells us the convenient truth, must provide a higher level of Member Service.