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  1. SpannaChucka

    Contact at Bush Flyers Down Under?

    G'day Martin, Check the group out here https://www.facebook.com/groups/bushflyersdownunder/ Put a post up there mate, there are heaps of people willing to share knowledge and experience. Tim Howes is the main contact for the group. Cheers R
  2. SpannaChucka

    Required build regs for RA training aircraft

    Thanks all, I thought as much, just wanted to check with the round table here on the forum! Cheers for all the responses, I appreciate the time you took to comment. Thanks
  3. G'day all, Looking for some black and white information to help us move forward with a few decisions, getting a bit tired of trolling through CASA pubs and RA tech manual. What are the requirements to put aircraft online with training schools (RA, not GA). Particularly; built to which specs (ATSM, FAA LSA, etc..) factory manufactured, rego etc.. I have been to many schools and seen so many different types available for training, just looking to pick your brains. Thank you all in advance!