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    Rotax 912 ULS for Sale

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    I have a Rotax 912 ULS for Sale (275hours S/N 5643227). It comes with a Warp Drive Taper Tip 68" 3 bladed propeller (pusher for the 912), oil tank and oil tank bracket, Grand Rapids EIS (4EGT, 2CHT, Airspeed, Altimeter, fuel flow, VSI, RPM, Oil press, Oil Temp,), Coolant Overflow tank, 4" prop extension, Rotax Radiator (not in picture), Rotax oil cooler (not in picture), Carb Balancing tool, Rotax tool kit, Voltage regulator, Engine log, engine operators manual, The engine came off of an Aeroprakt A20 which I had a little landing accident in. The prop never touched anything and the engine was happily idling and had to be shut down after the accident. I am asking $16,000 for the whole lot. I believe this would be a good set up for a MKIII or Extra. This is my first shot at selling it so I will not be offering the individual pieces yet. contact: [email protected]

    5,000.00 AUD

    Edenbridge, kent - GB