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  1. Oshkosh Demos

    New Electric Ultralight/Light Sport

    Thanks , the concept was influenced by the Electric Cri Cri . We are having a great time thinking , talking about and building the Odyssey . If you are going to Oshkosh 2019 I would love to meet .
  2. Oshkosh Demos

    New Electric Ultralight/Light Sport

    Thank you ! I'm excited about the project and receiving a great deal of support for it. We are going to build as fast as possible and will have the project at Oshkosh 2019 where I'll discuss all materials and processes used and make parts during the 4 day event as well . Once the plane has flown I intend to donate it to my EAA chapter 280 for their museum . Who knows what I'll do for 2020 ??????? I'm looking forward to a continued conversation supporting education and the safe use of Composites . Russ
  3. Oshkosh Demos

    New Electric Ultralight/Light Sport

    I do agree the gear doesn't need to be as long as they are and that is being looked at now. This project is being done as a 1 off for the purposes of educational Composites presentations and Demo's during my annual Oshkosh 4 day program . There are numerous details not presented yet , one being how the canopy opens. We are looking at a good portion of the upper fuselage opening for ease of ingress egress . The project will demonstrate several processes and everything going into the build was selected for simplicity and ease of construction . The wing leading edges and all spar plugs are being made now. I'll have pics to update soon I'm traveling in Canada most of next week so the update will be after I return.. Thank you for your comment , I look forward to a fun and educational discussion . Russ
  4. Hi I'm new . I'd like to share a few pic's of my 2019 Oshkosh Forum's and Demos project. Every year I do something different . This year I'll be doing Infusion as normal but I'll also be doing several other processes you can do at home , your hanger or shop. This little Bird will be given to EAA Chapter 280 after flight tests and other venues showings. She's an Electric twin engine pusher . Inspired by Cri Cri Electric version . To follow regular updates i'll be posting here and on my ACI "Advanced Composite Infusion" facebook page . Enjoy , cheer's, Russ
  5. Oshkosh Demos

    Oshkosh 2019 Demo's

    Hi group , I'm new . I wanted to share my project for the 2019 EAA AirVenture Oshkosh . I've been doing these Composites Demo's and Forum's this being my 8th year running . This year we'll be doing Infusion as always along with several other Composites Processes you can do at home , shop or hanger . This project will be made with several techniques selected for ease and minimum experience required with minimum expense . Odyssey is a super light twin electric engine pusher . I will be posting regular updates om my ACI Facebook page , Advanced Composite Infusion . Enjoy !!!!!! Russ