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  1. BackcountryAeropup


    Heading down to Avalon for my first Avalon air show. Who's going?...….
  2. BackcountryAeropup

    First flight in over six weeks!

    Are you left handed ?
  3. That paddock got real ugly at the end there. Evan with bush wheels it would have been a workout.
  4. BackcountryAeropup

    Aeropup project

    Due to a non air worthy style modification to my control stick I decided to remake a new one with a modification of my own. I thought it would be better fabricating a zenith style stick for more comfortable control and a lot better for duel control when needed.
  5. BackcountryAeropup


    Thanks for all your help I'll give it a go and if I have a issues I know where to come to get it sorted.
  6. BackcountryAeropup


    Nope unfortunately.... Grass strip. Dirt floor hanger. And Beer and Cheese....
  7. BackcountryAeropup


    I got the Bolly stick instructions with my prop as one of the options for setting the pitch but I was concerned with how accurate it will be with the hanger floor being dirt with a camping mat over it.
  8. BackcountryAeropup


    I'm after a bolly pitch gauge if any one has one the factory are out of them at the moment. Or if you are in S.E QLD and are willing to loan one out I will be appreciative with the guarantee you will get it back.
  9. BackcountryAeropup


    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Wanted propeller counter clockwise from cockpit to suit my Subaru ea81.


  10. BackcountryAeropup

    Aeropup project

    Another change I made straight up was when I got the pup it hade a flat back tyre so I sourced a solid electric wheel chair tyre to replace it and eliminate that problem.
  11. BackcountryAeropup

    Aeropup project

    Apart from a bit of cleaning since the aeropup has settled in her new home I have swap the tyres from the 15's to the good old turf glide 18.5's. ultimately I would like to put a set of Aeroclassic 22'' tyres on but the money will be best spent else where. I will get her in the air first.
  12. BackcountryAeropup

    Aeropup project

    I thought I would share my Aeropup project I have just purchased. The plan is to progress and post as often as possible.