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  1. Okihara

    Guess The Airstrip

    Hint: That day we could have landed on 31 too.
  2. Okihara

    Guess The Airstrip

    Final for RWY 36.
  3. Okihara

    Flight mate for some fun flights

    Hi Sophie, thanks for answering. I checked out your 2016 tour, just awesome. And congratulations on buying your plane. I like it that you folks are setting an example by buying a plane before a house or a car ☺️ Will let you know should we fly out towards Sydney (actually, we've got something in the works that would involve a stop at YSBK plus some scenic flights there later in March/April, more on that later). Likewise, please tell me if you're coming again towards Melbourne. You two definitely seem a happy pair to be around. Cheers
  4. Okihara

    Guess The Airstrip

    Great trip, thanks for sharing!
  5. Okihara

    Guess The Airstrip

    Ha! Good strip. In my country airstrip guide Maralinga is noted as "closed". Is it well and truly open then?
  6. Okihara

    Guess The Airstrip

    True there's not much giveaway on your picture. It looks sealed and not gravel though.
  7. Okihara

    Guess The Airstrip

    That's it! YRYK. Yours is a tough one. Hint?
  8. Okihara

    Guess The Airstrip

    Nice little strip...
  9. Okihara

    Guess The Airstrip

    That's it! It is YYRM. Next airstrip following...
  10. Okihara

    Guess The Airstrip

    I realise that it may be too hard to guess without additional hint so here are two: 1. CTAF 126.7 (😂) 2. WAC 3470
  11. Okihara

    Radio frequencies

    The ERSA is your best friend if you need YSSY frequencies.
  12. Okihara

    Cootamundra to Murray Bridge

    What are you flying in?
  13. Okihara

    Guess The Airstrip

    Here's the next aerodrome. Unfortunately that's my only picture taken when departing downwind.
  14. Okihara

    Guess The Airstrip

    Good guess. It is YREN. Next airstrip following...