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  1. Thanks, re-reinforces what my instructors say about the pre-takeoff briefing being your plan and making the decisions then. so you don't have to think about it in the air and can focus on flying the plane
  2. Hope you don't mind me asking what happened? well before I imagined I'd actually be able to get into aviation. and if its something I could learn from, I thought it would be worth hearing
  3. Bring Out Another Thousand, I don't keep track of the $$$ Ive dropped into my Jet-ski's. currently have the stand-up in pieces tracing an electrical fault. But then I also don't keep track of my spending with flying lessons. I dropped 3K into it last month... and reckon Ive got about that to spend again before Ive got my RPC don't worry, its universal. some councils have fees on boat ramps, and don't get me started on the illogical regulations
  4. sniff, can we get back to talking about the plane
  5. Dont forget that they have 3-4 of everything (both sensors and the computers they feed to), just for this reason. and also have the ability to manually turn off specific sensors (like when refueling, they can shut off the probe side) as they like to call it, its fly by vote The Fighter Pilot Podcast has some really good episodes which discuss this.
  6. recently decided to try and up my hours and fly as much as possible to get my RPC by the end of the year, and also get a better feel. two weeks between lessons is too long (get a Thursday off each fort-nite, which Ive been learning to fly with - because I can) so did three lessons last week. on Thursday a refresher flight as it had been 2 months (work and holidays). then literally swapped to a different plane and instructor to go up for an introduction to steep turns (45 degree bank - made me dizzy and feel a bit crook for an hour or two afterwards) But the last lesson yesterday (Sunday) was by far the most enjoyable, crosswind circuits. had a different instructor (I can choose who to fly with through the school, but due to life tend to just choose whoever is available) I haven't flown with this Instructor before but enjoy changing up instructors as they all give different pieces of the puzzle. He was experienced and had a commercial approach (i.e. everything had a reason, and importantly explained why) he changed my habits on the ground to hold the stick with the checklist between my thumb and finger to operate everything with my left hand - as I would in flight. and use the thumb and finger to flip switches, as its easier in flight to undo if its the wrong one. shows the difference in approach/experience but what made it such an awesome experience was his teaching in flight, made me talk through each step on the ground - not just parroting back what I remember. then pulled the power (telling me - at height/speed before I would normally put up flaps) to ensure I understood and followed through. there is more brain power on the ground then in the air for figuring out how to act. introduced me to side-slips, they are AWESOME!!! such a fun way to fly. Also picked up I was still tensing up and struggling with the transition from approach and flare, the ground. so had me fly a pass down the runway at treetop level after the flare. Made a huge difference to my feel of controls and reactions, the next landing was a full stop but felt so much more comfortable and was immediately able to respond to a bit of ballooning by instinctively dropping the nose and land without a bounce. probably would have been a bit intimidated with all the information this Instructor gave if he was my first one, but at my current level its awesome and the different approaches worked really well and made it a lot of fun - but also a huge amount to process with lots happening through the flight, instead of the single focus building block approach Ive had with others (which is still something I feel more comfortable with for new skills) . I think regularly swapping things up with a different Instructor is a great Idea. each has their own benefits and help provide a better foundation. came home feeling on an high, with a bit of an adrenaline rush. Cant wait to get back in the air Sunday sitting at about 13-14 hours currently. hoping with 2 lessons every second Thursday and an additional lesson on Sundays I have a good chance of celebrating by the end of the year. Solo before my Birthday in mid November would be awesome
  7. was more then just a low-speed nosedive, the whole aircraft rolled Ive seen video of Mike bouncing Draco off bumps to test the suspension (which has snapped off) it was built very tough, everything re-enforced and machined from billet.
  8. just have to wait until after he is finished building scrappy, and his next PT-6 powered race plane - which the engine is in his hangar for... I think he said he already has the next 3-4 plane builds planned
  9. not necessarily, just change the server address your internet connects through, real easy to do, just changing about 6 numbers
  10. because it can on occasion be Hilarious. another forum I'm on has users regularly creating false accounts to ask silly questions or raise arguments. It often brings great amusement to all involved,
  11. sort of related, what about a random thought thread? We have one on a motorcycle forum I frequent. its by far the most used and valued thread. we use it just to make comments about things we encounter in life, pose questions that don't need a whole thread and post about things going on in our lives. its sort of a catch-all place, and helps build a sense of community.
  12. Caught the end of Hughes's last film, "Jet Pilot" with John Wayne, thought it wasn't half bad for a Sunday afternoon daytime viewing haven't seen "the great waldo pepper" yet and we cant forget the immortal classic "Magnificent men, and their flying machines"
  13. Oh and to get them out of the way, Top gun (high water mark) The aviator Iron eagle The red baron Flyboys (guilty pleasure) Red tails Flight of the intruder Hot shots (love the low flying down mainstreet) Catch 22 Pearl harbor (chick flick done right!) Stealth (almost forgot. Really should have) Squadron 303 (Huricanes) Is a great polish film about the battle of Britain and polish pilots involved. Haven't found an English copy of "sky fighters" yet.
  14. Okay so there is plenty of movies with aviation themes, and TV shows. Thought it would be good to have a place to share them Being of a younger and internet raised generation I've been enjoying anime related to aviation. That I'm not sure how well known they would be on this forum. Some of you may have seen "the wind rises". It was on SBS last weekend several times. And is an (heavily fictionalized) account of the designer of the Japanese zero's life. The artwork alone makes it worth watching The creator also does a film called "porco rosso" which with the protagonist being an ace pilot turned into a pig, and sky pirates is a bit more lighthearted. "The princess and the pilot" along with "sky crawlers" have some of the best dogfight scenes. Shows the strength of anime, allowing worlds that couldn't be shown using western film and CGI. Immersive story telling. For jets nothing beats "area 88" a whole series dedicated to the story of a Japanese pilot tricked by a friend to sign a contract to be a mercanary. Who's only option is to fight to earn enough to buy himself out of the contract. Wide variety of jets used. Special mention goes to "last exile" Doesn't use aircraft but "vanships" (think biplanes with no wings) once again stunning art and impressive characters/story
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