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  1. just have to wait until after he is finished building scrappy, and his next PT-6 powered race plane - which the engine is in his hangar for... I think he said he already has the next 3-4 plane builds planned
  2. not necessarily, just change the server address your internet connects through, real easy to do, just changing about 6 numbers
  3. because it can on occasion be Hilarious. another forum I'm on has users regularly creating false accounts to ask silly questions or raise arguments. It often brings great amusement to all involved,
  4. sort of related, what about a random thought thread? We have one on a motorcycle forum I frequent. its by far the most used and valued thread. we use it just to make comments about things we encounter in life, pose questions that don't need a whole thread and post about things going on in our lives. its sort of a catch-all place, and helps build a sense of community.
  5. Caught the end of Hughes's last film, "Jet Pilot" with John Wayne, thought it wasn't half bad for a Sunday afternoon daytime viewing haven't seen "the great waldo pepper" yet and we cant forget the immortal classic "Magnificent men, and their flying machines"
  6. Oh and to get them out of the way, Top gun (high water mark) The aviator Iron eagle The red baron Flyboys (guilty pleasure) Red tails Flight of the intruder Hot shots (love the low flying down mainstreet) Catch 22 Pearl harbor (chick flick done right!) Stealth (almost forgot. Really should have) Squadron 303 (Huricanes) Is a great polish film about the battle of Britain and polish pilots involved. Haven't found an English copy of "sky fighters" yet.
  7. Okay so there is plenty of movies with aviation themes, and TV shows. Thought it would be good to have a place to share them Being of a younger and internet raised generation I've been enjoying anime related to aviation. That I'm not sure how well known they would be on this forum. Some of you may have seen "the wind rises". It was on SBS last weekend several times. And is an (heavily fictionalized) account of the designer of the Japanese zero's life. The artwork alone makes it worth watching The creator also does a film called "porco rosso" which with the protagonist being an ace pilot turned into a pig, and sky pirates is a bit more lighthearted. "The princess and the pilot" along with "sky crawlers" have some of the best dogfight scenes. Shows the strength of anime, allowing worlds that couldn't be shown using western film and CGI. Immersive story telling. For jets nothing beats "area 88" a whole series dedicated to the story of a Japanese pilot tricked by a friend to sign a contract to be a mercanary. Who's only option is to fight to earn enough to buy himself out of the contract. Wide variety of jets used. Special mention goes to "last exile" Doesn't use aircraft but "vanships" (think biplanes with no wings) once again stunning art and impressive characters/story
  8. Been reading the accidental airline By Howard white and Jim Salisbury. Intersting reas about flying around Canada during and post WW2
  9. Damn... The talk of equations triggered a memory of one in my first lesson briefing. It was something simple but I Can't seem to find the notes at the moment, and what I'm looking for isn't in the text books. I think at the moment its the classic case of overcomplicating things. Trying to chase the best or most correct answer. Instead of the simplest.
  10. No, just to fly the picture. The instruments are there to be glanced at, just a very quick look to confirm. If you are flying the picture outside (where the nose is relative to the horizon, where the ground sits on the windscreen during a banked turn) the instruments will reflect that.
  11. submarines are one of the very few secret forces still in operation. no one really knows where they are and what they do. The most highly decorated boats aren't even public knowledge till they are retired. if you want a good example of this, google submarine collisions. amazing how many have occurred between foreign submarines in peace time. Collins class is still quieter then any of the American subs - downfall of nuclear is they are always pumping water to cool the reactors. which is why the American's were so happy to design the propellers for it. they want the shared intelligence it can gather
  12. Look out the window, and keep it balanced. or at least thats what my instructor keeps reminding me (more so the looking out the window bit)
  13. they said that about the F4, didn't even fit guns to it....
  14. I think the word is called diplomacy America wanted us to buy the jets, so we bought the damn jets. don't think there was much say from the defense community compared to the politicians could be wrong, but thats my perspective on it.
  15. I feel the need, the need for speed. Loved the original, as a kid growing up it was the greatest thing ever. used to sit in front of the family's portable heater/aircon and turn the fan up and down by a lever, pretending it was the throttle of a jet and the sound was the engines as it roared louder. one of my few vivid childhood memories. still watch it once a year or so. never gets old
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