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  1. The crash site is on the Western boundary of the Bellingen High? training area that I fly in out of Coffs Harbour for my training, very mountainous ground to come down in:-( May those on board R.I.P Cheers, Jack
  2. Fortunately, I am training at a busy airport YCFS where there are schools, QANTAS, Tiger Air, Toll, air ambulance etc. hope the chances of a screw up are minimal. Cheers, Jack.
  3. Very sad, I was speaking to his brother in person the day before at the Newmarket Gardens Caravan Park in Brisbane. He saw the aviation stickers on my car and struck up a conversation telling me about his brother Mark and his adventures, dedication to the cause and also about my aviation interests. RIP Mark Smith
  4. Multipurpose forum here, hang about for some good farming advice 🙂 Cheers, Jack.
  5. Monitoring the information passed between 2 parties by a 3rd party? This means the comms being monitored must be recorded for that 3rd party to use in determining their billing process? IF their monitoring is legal, I may also ask what Avdata’s policy for security of information under the privacy act? Do they provide the airport owner with all details of airport operations they have logged? Cheers, Jack.
  6. Sorry, on a trip tomorrow via Brisbane to Coffs Harbour, going to flying school. But, I have started to look here and it’s gonna take many hours of wading through all the legal stuff. http://www.austlii.edu.au/ Cheers, Jack.
  7. I would question the legality of a third party recording a conversation between two other parties without a warrant. And before someone nails my backside over my comment. I consulted my solicitor over a similar situation and was told the above would be illegal. Cheers, Jack.
  8. Can’t order a new Brumby 610 with only steam gauges, must have glass panel. That was 6 weeks ago when I was at factory. Cheers, Jack.
  9. jackc


    Generally, the fuel compartments in tankers drain totally......they used to in the 37,000 litre tankers I drove years ago. I used to fill depots and servos, gravity feed. Cheers, Jack.
  10. Hate to ask what a touch ‘n go is worth. Cheers, Jack.
  11. For me, I want nothing to do with glass cockpits.....too much information, not clearly seen in a hurry. My training aircraft has steam gauges and artificial horizon and that was one of my original requirements when selecting a flying school. Add in a BRS too. In looking for an aircraft I want the same and have a preference for the same aircraft, if available. I am conservative and a horrible memory from 35 years ago as a passenger in a Bonanza flying VFR and the pilot made some horrible decisions that could have ended in tragedy. I was doing the navigating and asked we find a place to land, due to storm ahead, we ran out of choices so I gave him a course that I felt was a good decision, it was but he wanted get back on track South again, however he again chose to keep going so I said head for the coast, turn right about 3km out to sea and keep the water on the left and the sand on the right, cloudbase down to 600ft and we keep going, no radio calls until Maroochydore and the cloud has not changed, we land safely and got roasted for flying, plane grounded 3 days with weather. i was never told the outcome of the VFR violation, but I felt one of my spare lives got used up that day. Cheers, Jack.
  12. The way I see this generally is, IF people make VFR flight plans that run to the limits of the rules.......maybe they should stay on the ground. 10 minitues before last light may be the rule, but why plan right up to that time? Anything could happen to make the flight take a longer time and any margin for change has gone and the time of arrival is extended. I would stay where I was if I could not have a reserve of 1 hours light left at planned arrival time. Gee its not as though they were in an air race, in this case the people were on a flying holiday? Cheers, Jack.
  13. I was at the Brumby factory 6 weeks ago, discussing aircraft and options etc. This is the standard instrument layout I was shown. Steam gauges only, are not an option. Cheers, Jack.
  14. jackc


  15. Too low for a BRS to save them, even IF they had one 😞 Condolences to the families, it’s a sad day....... Jack.
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